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  1. How to use the Parts Directory - this is NOT a WTB/FS section
  2. Wanted Supplier for CDS and 4130 tubing
  3. Supplier Melbourne: mandrel bends/general steel
  4. Wanted ADELAIDE : Bodywork sheetmetal
  5. Good mechinic-South side Canberra
  6. Wanted Melbourne - Paint Matching
  7. Supplier Bris/SEQ soda blasting recommendation
  8. Supplier Coventry Auto Parts
  9. Wanted CNC tube bending
  10. Wanted Aluminium tubing - 76 x 1.6?
  11. Wanted Window Tint (ACT)
  12. Special bolts
  13. Wanted Holley and fuel system parts supplier, Bris
  14. Supplier Supplier Discount codes - post them up!
  15. Supplier Top End Performance - Pistons and Shit
  16. Supplier Imparts (parts for most german if not euro cars)
  17. Supplier ECS tuning - most european car parts
  18. Wanted vdo instrument hook ups?
  19. Supplier ADELAIDE - off-the-shelf steampipe bends and stainless steel parts
  20. Supplier ADELAIDE - All kinds of belts, hoses, filters etc
  21. Supplier ADELAIDE - Exhaust system components (mandrels, flanges, flex, etc)
  22. Wanted Polycarbonate sheet
  23. Wanted ECU Sensors, Plugs, Wiring etc
  24. SU carburettor/cluey old blokes/dyno - melb
  25. Wanted Fiberglass stuff
  26. Wanted Sydney metro aircon specialist
  27. Supplier Nic Nac powder coating - North Brisbane
  28. Wanted Competent dyno tuning shops in Gladstone QLD
  29. Wanted Matt Spry workshop/contact details
  30. Wanted Tyre hook ups- Melbourne
  31. Supplier OBD-II and aftermarket ECU displays
  32. Wanted Phonelic spacer material
  33. Wanted Seat hookups - Perth
  34. Supplier ADELAIDE - Waterjet profile cutting and NC routing
  35. Wanted 15mm ID Oil drain hose for turbo to sump
  36. Supplier old and or odd stuff. heaps of pommy shit.
  37. Wanted 18RG oil pumps, unobtainium?
  38. Wanted Custom motorbike tank
  39. Wanted Windscreen Hookups? ASAP
  40. Wanted 2 stroke oil and caster oil in bulk
  41. Wanted Shock Absorbers for a 2002 Fagna
  42. Wanted Subaru 380cc injectors
  43. Wanted Engine/Halfcut Importers 6a12tt Mitsubishi
  44. Supplier FIBREGLASS PANELS - Huge Range
  45. Wanted Flush mounted door handles, motorhome style
  46. Wanted Newy / Sydney - Thick Allooy Plate, Large OD Round Stock
  47. Wanted Brisbane - Buttweld (steampipe) Fittings
  48. Supplier NGK Racing Plugs
  49. Wanted Custom Axles
  50. Wanted Davies Craig thermo controllers
  51. Wanted t4 manifold flange today, melbourne
  52. roll cages & race fabrication
  53. Supplier OEM Tools and OBD Scanners
  54. Wanted Conrod shotpeening/strengthening recommendations
  55. Supplier Performance Chips
  56. Supplier Laws Laser Cutting
  57. Wanted Cheap 90/10 shocks?
  58. Wanted Engine reconditioning - Perth
  59. Wanted Clutch hookups
  60. Wanted Anodizing Sydney
  61. Wanted 13mm long 6 point ring spanner
  62. Gearbox Guru needed
  63. Wanted Best supplier for fibreglass repair kits in sydney?
  64. EFI parts Bris Northside
  65. Wanted Coil over shock hook ups
  66. Wanted Gibbs guru
  67. Wanted Borg Warner 65 filter & pan gasket
  68. Wanted Brisbane : Torrington bearing/race
  69. Wanted ID 2000 injectors
  70. 12mm Aluminium square bar
  71. Supplier Canberra ACT suspension leaf re-setting
  72. Wanted Tranny Cooler
  73. Wanted Suggestions for Temporary Garage lighting for rental
  74. Supplier Cheapest brake rotors! Fast delivery!
  75. Wanted Torque wrench
  76. Wanted SYD: someone to spray and fit a front bar
  77. Supplier Greg Martin - ex QLD Ignition Leads - SEQLD
  78. Do you need SparkPlugs? Look here
  79. Wanted pwr steer pump for an 02 Mini Cooper
  80. Supplier Timing Belt Kits and Drive Belts
  81. Wanted Shock rebuilder, re-valve to 90/10 (melb)
  82. Wanted VPW hook-up
  83. Supplier : Joel's EFI wiring service
  84. Wanted Denso and/or Mitubishi Ignition Coils
  85. Wanted XA / XB Falcon Borg Warner Diff Housing
  86. Wanted Media Blasting/ chemical stripping.
  87. Wanted Aussie supplier Ross Pistons
  88. Wanted Eagle leads
  89. Supplier 15" race wheels for 4x110 & 4x114.3 pattern
  90. Wanted Brisbane : SR20DET(black top) cometic MLS head gasket
  91. Wanted Brisbane - Tinting
  92. Wanted [BNE] Turbocharger balancing
  93. Wanted GCG turbo hookup
  94. CNC machining
  95. Supplier Welding Supplies - QLD
  96. Wanted Exhaust Shop - Brisbane
  97. Supplier General Engineering Works, Brendale, Bris.
  98. Wanted Auto Elec, Melb NE subs
  99. Wanted Misc Machining / Welding in Southern Subs of Adelaide
  100. Supplier Aluminium - action aluminium @ geebung
  101. Supplier braided hose and fittings and shit
  102. Supplier Tims Tyres/ Power Logic Racing (Melb)
  103. Wanted Ohlins shocks?
  104. Wanted mobile auto elec penrith area .
  105. Wanted Immobilizer and remote central locking hook ups?
  106. Supplier dzus fasteners and racing bits BNE
  107. Wanted Replica Group A Body Kits?
  108. Wanted Panel Beater for insurance/resto work in Brisbane
  109. Supplier Speedflow fittings and all safety gear
  110. Wanted Lexus Ball Joints 1998 GS300
  111. Wanted : Gearbox / Clutch pleace in Brisbane
  112. Wanted 04 Suby Outback front 02 sensor part number
  113. Wanted GoJacks without the stupid price tag
  114. Wanted LS1 bits
  115. Wanted Mechanic in wollongong area to help out a chick with the auto in her pulsar.
  116. Wanted Diesel/4x4 Mechanic Brisbane Northside
  117. Wanted Mig gas refills
  118. Wanted Mild steel exhaust mandrel bends & pipe supply (Online?)
  119. Fibreglass fab - Bris area
  120. Wanted n15 pulsar shocks and springs
  121. windscreens - se melbourne
  122. Wanted Were to buy KYB Shocks - best price, Melbourne West/North
  123. Batteries of all shapes and sizes - BNE
  124. Supplier Drag radials.. M/T, M&H, goodyear. you want them..
  125. Supplier Good tyres, great prices and awesome service @ Racing Ready!
  126. Wanted panelbeater / spraypainter in newcastle or sydney
  127. Wanted Boss Kit to suit Evo 5/6 to replace airbag steering wheel
  128. Wanted Decent spring compressors
  129. Wanted Flange!
  130. Wanted Expanded metal mesh uni directional
  131. Wanted Perspex Supplier in Melbourne
  132. Safety Wire / Lock Wire
  133. Wanted Brisbane - bead roller
  134. Wanted revolution wheels and sumitomo tyres
  135. Wanted Driveshaft rebuilder in Perth close to Rockingham
  136. Auto Elec, south east Melb (out Frankston way) ?
  137. Auto Elec, south east Melb (out Frankston way) ?
  138. Wanted MOTEC wiring loom (custom made)
  139. Triumph bike bits. Anyone know someone or a website/wrecker?
  140. V bands flanges and clamps - any cheap hookups?
  141. real hard shifting, into second gear vt gen iii th700
  142. Wanted Workshop/Individual recommendations to fully re-wire street/drag car - ADELAIDE
  143. Wanted Supplier for Datalogger Sensors
  144. Wanted 1990 Celsior / LS400 Workshop Manual PDF
  145. Wanted Jap (Honda B18C) engine importers SA or Aus
  146. Wanted Motorsport Sparky Sydney area
  147. Nismo Parts in Oz
  148. Metric welch plug block heater
  149. Supplier Silicone Hose Joiners
  150. Supplier Timing Belts and Timing Kits for many makes and models
  151. Wanted SAFC Neo quick tune/check?
  152. Supplier Namiiss gauge & control (Gauges - Auto, Marine, Industrial)
  153. mobile hardline brake repair,western syd
  154. Wanted 40mm wheel bearing dust caps
  155. Wanted Nissan Navara Hookups - need some D40 stuff
  156. Wanted NSW supplier Pipe sections
  157. hub rings who makes them
  158. Component Restorations
  159. Wanted Need a screw...
  160. Garrett Turbo
  161. Wanted Series 1 Stagea tie rod ends
  162. Wanted Taperlock bush 1008, 22mm bore non standard 7mm wide keyseat
  163. Wanted 20L Drum pump
  164. Supplier www.MrParts.com.au
  165. Supplier Headlight Polishing
  166. Vband Flange Supplier (aus or OS)
  167. Shipping a bumper from Melb to California USA
  168. Wanted Control Cables
  169. Wanted 300mm dia alloy pipe
  170. Performance parts shops ACT
  171. Wanted ACT: Supplier of exhaust tubing (mandrels, straight pipe and flanges..)
  172. Flange nuts/Washer face nuts, nyloc, non serrated
  173. Wanted Racepak IQ3 GPS Logger dash
  174. Wanted TPS Plug
  175. good australian retailer for bosch 044 and filter
  176. Wanted [NSW] Someone to roll a bead into my stainless intercooler pipes
  177. Supplier: Automotive paint and tools
  178. Specialty motorsport fasteners.
  179. Wanted refurbishing ball joints? Melbourne?
  180. Wanted SPAL low profile fans or similar?
  181. Supplier Motorcycle Mechanic - Melb Western Suburbs
  182. Engineers for mod plating South Brisbane?
  183. Supplier MSD bits and pieces.
  184. Wanted Anyone a bolt supplier? i need some M10 x 1.25 in a cap Socket head, grade 12.9
  185. Supra control arms
  186. Wanted mobile wiring guy in NSW
  187. What is this tool called and where would i buy another one
  188. Wanted Logan/South Bris: A place for basic engineering/machine work
  189. Head gasket for a Mazda VC engine
  190. Who rebuilds KONI's shocks
  191. Wanted Jagermeister decals.
  192. Wanted Someone in VIC to shorten axles or change stud pattern of current axles.
  193. Wanted Enkei wheel supplier who won't add 150%
  194. Wanted 90 degree barb ended 3/4 heater hose fittings. (Vic)
  195. WANTED - Lancer space saver spare wheel
  196. Wanted 2001 VX - V6 Auto GearBox (Required for Shitbox Rally Car)
  197. Wanted NSW trustworthy mob to rebuild supra V160 Getrag
  198. Wanted Honda OEM parts (DC5 Integra)
  199. HANS, MT Street Comps and Kincrome Tools
  200. Wheel powdercoating?
  201. Wanted Custom Caliper Brackets in Brisbane
  202. IC piping/plumbing
  203. Wanted '96 VS Commodore Equipe Wagon - Rear Left Brake Light Cover
  204. Wanted decent clutch vx ss
  205. Wanted Car aircond repairers - Canberra
  206. Supplier Alcon Brakes and clutches
  207. Supplier Muscle Car Tyres
  208. Wanted Hard Blok - Engine filler/Grout
  209. Wanted Harmonic balancer 1uzfe
  210. Supplier Wilwood brake stuff
  211. Brisbane: Extreme Motorsports
  212. Wanted: PAC Racing Springs (Valve springs)
  213. Wanted Rav4 Drivers Window Plastic Shit Bracket Holder Thing
  214. Wanted -Mobil 1 Racing Oil supplier
  215. Wanted Brake Booster Reconditioner, Sydney
  216. Wanted ACT- Decent wheel alignment.
  217. Wanted Sydney - Tyres - KU36 supplied and fitted.
  218. Wanted Metric Anchor Nuts locally
  219. Wanted Brisbane - Tyres - KU36 or Federal 595's supplied and fitted.
  220. Wanted M6 engineers studs
  221. Wanted Precision Performance Shifter
  222. Wanted '74 929 clutch and 205/60/R13 tyres?
  223. Supplier Half Price King Springs Tomorrow Only!
  224. Toyota OEM parts for any model - Japanese, web based, worldwide sourcing site
  225. Wanted Media Blasting, Bris South?
  226. Wanted Custom spark plug leads.
  227. Wanted Custom Harmonic Balancer
  228. Wanted sparky penrith area for cashie
  229. Supplier Electrical Direct.
  230. Wanted LS1 intake air temp sensor plug FFS...
  231. Subaru/Jap wreckers/spares - who/where
  232. AN Fittings
  233. Wanted plumber penrith area
  234. WTB AEM smart coils
  235. Custom ignition leads
  236. New 4wd and camping equipment business - Offroad.Outdoors.
  237. Snow-people - buy my T Shirts and Hoodies
  238. Windscreen for JZS 147 Aristo/GS300 in Melbourne
  239. Wanted Corner weighting in Syd/Newy
  240. Unimig parts
  241. Supplier Whiteline Sway Bars - Over 100 in stock!
  242. WTB Alloy 3.5" tube
  243. Anodising wheels.
  244. Custom chassis rails sydney
  245. 13" street slick tyres
  246. Car battery cable joiner ?
  247. Flywheel machining/lightening - SE Melb?
  248. Wanted XXR Wheels
  249. someone to look at a camshaft in western syd
  250. y31 o2 sensor