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  1. Things I have been making with my TIG
  2. Post a pic up of your best welds
  3. Stuff we're making
  4. scratching your head in the shed (fab tips)
  5. what are you guys using for TIG gas
  6. Ac tig - aluminum
  7. 6 speed for the datto
  8. Turbo Manifold
  9. Square peg, round hole - a couple of hours on the lathe
  10. Interested in a Plasma Cutter
  11. Clamping aluminium
  12. Tools to make jobs easy
  13. Epic fabrication video
  14. Bodywork Restoration Tutorial by David Gardiner
  15. School me on LPG torches for brazing etc
  16. solution to poor visibility when welding.
  17. Anyone want to weld an ls1 sump?
  18. Dry sump pans
  19. LS1 turbo manifolds vt-vz and HQ/WB
  20. Fibreglass work
  21. rb25 webber manifold? anyone interested in making one?
  22. Side intrusion bars
  23. Fabrication related bargains
  24. Home made sheet metal folder for under $100!
  25. Ghetto flat bar bender for $0
  26. cnc parts what is in demand
  27. Another exhaust manifold.
  28. Rust repairs/panel fab
  29. Bench Grinders for general shed usage
  30. Building recessed firewall - material? How to weld?
  31. Ghetto heat slow downy thing
  32. argon bottle refills
  33. Big pennies vs. small pennies
  34. RB30 dry sump pan I am building
  35. Cigweld transmig 175i for home
  36. Wastegate outlet on exhaust housing?
  37. What MIG gas for welding Stainless ?
  38. How do I make intercooler pipes round again.
  39. Hotness in Chinese TIG welders
  40. Making fibreglass panels / bumpers?
  41. Homemade gearbox / diff jack
  42. Got a 3D printer now, it's fun!
  43. Strut top metal thickness
  44. Bead rollers, what's hot?
  45. sand bending pipe, anyone done it?
  46. what kind of aluminium???
  47. New AC/DC TIG option - cheaper CIG FYI
  48. Space frame building
  49. Backyard Metal Fabrication
  50. Argon bottle T piece
  51. Basic stuff, workshop workbench
  52. machining, welding, lathing, bending, desiging - RNJ Fab
  53. stub axle ball joint remover -
  54. 1HDT GT30, WAIC, Inlet manifold, airbox and snorkel.
  55. w2a my a2a
  56. Making valve covers, need opinions....
  57. TIG welder
  58. Building a 3d printer
  59. Pumped Up (Klampy) Kixx.
  60. A good page on how to build extractors & exhausts
  61. Show us your DIY tools, workshop equipment.
  62. A concrete lathe
  63. multi muffler
  64. Vehicle Ramp
  65. 1800's full suspension bike
  66. Fap!
  67. HELP!!! chinese tig/plasma issues.
  68. Sometimes MIG doesn't crackle
  69. MIG or TIG
  70. Intake manifold adaptor
  71. guy martin, tour of orange bikes
  72. So I got bored and designed a trailer
  73. Show us your solidworks models
  74. Bench mounted shears for aluminium work
  75. Aluminium machining help needed - Brisbane
  76. Joining alloy to steel
  77. 3-1 inverter, tig/mma/plasma
  78. Bending exhaust tube q's
  79. helium prices
  80. Building a camper trailer
  81. Cheap drop saw
  82. Maker Works - workshop that allows cheap access to a workshop (metal, wood, etc)?
  83. New towball or drill hole in tongue
  84. Alloy spacers needed
  85. Aluminium welding and distortion
  86. Cheap plasma cutters
  87. CNC lathe work
  88. Milling fly cutter chattering on job.
  89. fitting a magna manifold to a pinto.
  90. Putting bolt holes in thick sheet steel.
  91. Roll Cage Bolt In v Welded In
  92. Alloy fuel tank build
  93. DIY Slot Car Track In My Shed
  94. Traveling with Gas Bottles to and from BOC depot ( Without using a trailer or a ute)
  95. Real cheap mills (well, perhaps just overgrown pedestal drills)
  96. Intake manifold
  97. Metal shaping resources
  98. Custom Pistons/Rods etc.
  99. Welding to exhaust housing
  100. Scuff plates - PX Ranger
  101. TIG Tungsten boxes/holders/dispensers
  102. new manafold we have made for the KA head on datsun L motors
  103. Useful Fabrication videos
  104. Cheap CNC milling Brisbane - where?
  105. Show us your home made carts / Buggies
  106. Anyone using Klingspor cutoff/grinding wheels?
  107. Someone in Sydney make me this??
  108. Reverse engineering and manufacturing gear train to drive camshaft
  109. Pneumatics and a die press Looking at making a pnumatic kick press
  110. Making a vband turbo collector
  111. Nibblers???
  112. PF lathing guys
  113. Making twin tail pipes?
  114. Miller Welding TIG Calculator and Resources
  115. Machine/CNC alloy hub
  116. Advice - Tig Welding Car Body Sheet Metal
  117. Recommend me a MIG Welder
  118. Recommend me a Tube notcher
  119. Argon refils in brisbane
  120. swedish guy finds pranged 996 shell, builds space frame underneath
  121. Cast Iron Head Welding in VIC?
  122. 240v sheetmetal nibbler - Total Tools
  123. Reduce steel tube diameter with heat?
  124. Shotening a Diff?
  125. Where to buy aluminium 6061
  126. Alloy/Aluminium Wleder reqd - Perth?
  127. Lasercutting plate?
  128. mdf for a jig?
  129. what's the cheapest best stick welder(inverter)
  130. rear storage deck and drawer for jeep
  131. what's the hotness in drill bit sharpeners?
  132. Machining a D shaped bore
  133. Converting a mill to CNC
  134. Cutting and welding axle flanges - any tips ?
  135. Tube notchers - go budget or quality?
  136. One hell of a welder
  137. Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting
  138. Turning in a lathe.
  139. Hotness in welding helmets
  140. welding copper to stainless?
  141. Structural steel - spray transfer
  142. Total noob arc welding help
  143. V12 LS1 engines
  144. Hole Saws for steel & how to Create a lip on edge
  145. Custom rear wings
  146. welding ss flange to cast mani
  147. Sheet metal pressing where???
  148. Aluminum welding in parramatta area
  149. stainless steel pickling.
  150. custom titanium work
  151. Stainless steel (marine) fabrication Brisbane north side?
  152. Beating Dents out of Aluminium Sheet?
  153. Cap screw bosses
  154. looking for somone who can weld ss to exhaust mani
  155. JMR Custom inlet manifold in progress
  156. aluminium grades?
  157. Need help finding a TIG
  158. Intercooler piping advice
  159. Small scale fabrication work.
  160. New Technical Section Rules - Please Read
  161. What filler rod to add material to turbine housing?
  162. CNC Machining Perth?
  163. Welding advice required
  164. Anyone bend small pipe for me,Sunshine Coast ?
  165. Is this going to break and kill me in a spectacular fashion?
  166. LPG Heating
  167. Notching Tube - tools and techniques
  168. Locking up a steering rack torsion bar... help!
  169. Home made Roll Cage
  170. Tig wand conversion
  171. Gas for Welding Gal Steel
  172. Steel Weld in Threaded Inserts
  173. Tig torch hookups
  174. RHS square tubing - Unpainted
  175. Machinist in parramatta area
  176. What MIG/TIG/ARC Welder <$1000 Thread #467
  177. Bead rolling thread on another forum
  178. Tube bender, dies and notcher req'd - anyone have hookups?
  179. DIY axle redrilling
  180. Cold saw blades
  181. Oval section exhaust tubing in Oz?
  182. Cigweld vs Unimig (170-180HF Tig/stick)
  183. Cleaning up and Rust Proofing after Brazing.
  184. How to clean up stainless steel exhaust?
  185. Geared engine stand
  186. Composite stuff for beginners?
  187. Metal casting, old mate's got skills
  188. simple sheet bender
  189. Box Trailer Plans
  190. awesome, do want ...
  191. Sydney Fabricators
  192. Self made pistons and air cooled cylinders
  193. CAD software and machining for dummies
  194. What you think of this dump?
  195. CNC merge collectors
  196. Home hobby 3-axis miller
  197. Got a broken screw extractor?
  198. Machining flat bar
  199. show us your custom ECU installation/mount
  200. Fabricating floor mounts for a pedal box.
  201. mig gas prices
  202. Scroll saw
  203. Weld some titanium....
  204. Welding in an exhaust flange (n00b alert)
  205. Anyone built a caravan?
  206. Swaged Foot Plate for my Race Car
  207. Milling questions
  208. Roll cage painting
  209. Quick Q: Minimising tube wastage from tube notcher
  210. EOI: Thumb Brake
  211. CNC in sydney
  212. school me on nigger alloy.
  213. Good fab shop in BNE to get (top mount) manifold welded up?
  214. My work is mixed.
  215. Tig electrodes for beginners
  216. Makin chips - CNC Milling.
  217. Panel welding
  218. Someone with a lathe machine me some rings
  219. DIY Oil pump pick up tube??
  220. DIY trans tunnel
  221. Repair a stub axle
  222. Social Climber bits
  223. Logs FTW
  224. Bushing sleeves
  225. Welder down
  226. nice mockup kit for building extractors etc.
  227. lofty loft
  228. Exhaust welding help Sydney
  229. Best mig welding mask?
  230. Belt Linishers
  231. Making fibreglass panels
  232. Aluminium brackets...
  233. Who can Fabricate something like this for me..
  234. Welding/Fabrication table
  235. Machinist/turning/CNC questions
  236. Car trailer plans?
  237. Anyone here able to make these for me ( Shaft couplers).
  238. wtf is going wrong here
  239. Best approach for thin stainless?
  240. Light weight trailer
  241. R zeddys fabrication corner, want something done?
  242. Anyone help with...
  243. Whats that tool called... :P
  244. will this welder kill me ?
  245. Show us your billet parts ;)
  246. How to build your own sheetmetal engine.
  247. 1/3rd scale V10
  248. Rust repair under drip rail, how should I tackle it?
  249. newb hobbiest welder - need mig gas
  250. got me a new toy.