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17-04-02, 12:05 PM
I went to Eastern creek on the 10th april for the drags at 7pm and left at 10pm and to find my girlfriends car missing.......It was a green 1990 holden nova with plates DRAXRX on it and I just put a toyota 4a-ge motor in it about 2 months ago and it went heaps better, but anyway it was parked in the carpark closest to the roundabout. It had an alarm (MAGICAR 4000) which the pager did not even work, and we were about 50m away from the car.we were sitting at the lights to watch the launches and our car was directly behind us over the hill. We reported the car stolen at about 10:10pm and the cops rangs us just after midnight to say they found the car at schofields at an intersection on fire..... ****ING BASTARDS!!!!!! We had a $3000 stereo in it as well. Its funny that you see cars with alarms and shit still get stolen. How do they bypass the alarm thats what I want to know? I thinking its those guys that hook them up. Best idea is to just leave your in your bedroom and have a baseball bat with incase they are stupid enough to go in your bedroom. lucky it wasn't my RX3....


19-04-02, 11:13 AM
Sorry to hear man, if you ever catch the f@#kers, burn them to the ground. :mad:

19-04-02, 12:03 PM
good theory bout the alarms!
i guess if the guys can install them they can get around them!!:mad:

19-04-02, 01:12 PM
I think they need more security like cameras......I hope the new quarter mile track will be more secure. Any of you guys gone to the creek with your car and asked if you can park it in the pits ? I have several times. next time I might just enter the car to race but leave it out back. If an extra $20 is going to save me $80-$90 cab fare everytime the car is stolen then I might aswell.

I have a feeling I might run into these dicks as everyone knows somebody thats racing right? And at the creek everyone knows everyone that race there so its just a matter of getting to know someone that races, maybe someone that owns the same car.

We will see.........................

I should be a like magnum P.I. and drive a Ferrari. I bet they won't let me park inside the pits.

Grumpy Rooster
19-04-02, 02:23 PM
Can't you pay a little extra and park it in the pits ? $6.00 or something ?

20-04-02, 10:55 AM
i used to go the creek alot and if you can get there early they have car passes its like 5 or 6 bucks as YELO said. I never had any truble with the car being in there but ive heard otherwise . :(

Bad luck about your g/f's car man, did they actually rip anything out of it or just drive it a burn it.

20-04-02, 11:21 AM
They ripped everything out even the dash all wires were hanging out!!! Police found the car burning at an intersection.....they think the car caught fire from the wires. But I don't know ,anything could of happened!!! The only thing I am spewing about is the motor and stereo!!!! We just put them in not long ago. Don't you hate that when you buy something and you have hardly had the chance to use because someone has ripped the bloody thing off!!!!!!

21-04-02, 12:14 PM
and to add to your delema, i bet you its not insured.

Personally, i would be doing a list of those that know about the car's equipment and status.

Sounds like an 'inside job' to me.

Who the hell would want to steal holden nova - unless they knew what was inside of course.

Take on the role of Colombo, i reckon you will get some answers.

22-04-02, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by darkstar
Who the hell would want to steal holden nova - unless they knew what was inside of course.

im guessing the plates had a bit to do with it. they bring attention to the car. most cars with custom plates either have a system, or some other goodies

23-04-02, 10:19 PM
aww dude that sucks. Bad luck man...
but like most people are saying, it sounds a bit dodgey.

was the car insured?

24-04-02, 07:31 PM

18-05-02, 12:26 PM
hey drax its shan (rx5 stolen) u know me from mazbiz sad story about ur g/fs car but thats exactly how i felt when my rx5 got stolen

drop me an email sometime