View Full Version : removing disc backing plates

12-05-02, 10:54 PM
Is this a good idea for my galant as im looking to decrease fade until i can upgrade to 256mm sigma front disc, it will allow more air flow to cool the discs, but is there a downside, there must be some reason why there there in the first place.

Cheers Karl

13-05-02, 01:09 PM
Backing plates are designed to stop crap from getting on your discs. Sure taking them off will decrease heat, but what might be better (and safer for your brakes) is to upgrade to a different pad. ie. semi metalic, you'll love the new feel. Especially under stress.

Maybe if your that worried about your discs heating up, bend your backing plates at the front to act like a scoop and funnel air (and dust, grit, stones, cats etc) in toward the disc to cool them down!

No really, try different pads first.


13-05-02, 01:45 PM
It will make 5/10ths of stuff all difference - but i had no backing plates on my old car (forgot to put them back on after a brake conversion), and i had no problems without.

It may be worth bending the front to get some air in there. My bmw has a fancy looking backing plate with a big scoop in it, and ducts pointing into the scoop.

13-05-02, 01:55 PM
Probably better to make big ducts from flexible ag pipe from the front of the car to the brakes - cut a hole in the backing disk and fix the pipe to that.

13-05-02, 02:19 PM
I agree with ToyotaNut - it will make stuff all difference in the heat dissapation by getting more cool air onto your brakes. It's not going to cool that much quicker to make any difference, except if you are doing serious km/hr! You have to change your pads to suit your driving style, standard pads wont stand up to the abuse. Trying to cool your rotors quicker is not the 'proper' fix for this problem.

Unless your using vented discs and/or cross drilled and slotted, there isn't much you can do to speed the cooling of your rotors. However alloys are said to have a much better heat dissapation rate than steelies or stockies with hubcaps, but that's even more $$ (Ever tried touching your wheel nuts after going for a hard drive?)

I really, really suggest trying a set of metalic or semi metalic pads, they take a bit of heat in them to get them going, but it's a big step ahead to improving braking performance on a budget.


14-05-02, 06:12 PM
jon, the reason im considering this is cos im poor, ive got alloys but cant afford tyres for them!

And as soon as i got the alloys on there i can fit bigger front brakes by using sigma struts(256mm solid rotors). (theses wont fit with stocker 13" rims)

But until then i aint got nothing! Was just looking for a way to get the most outa what i got now.