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13-05-02, 09:53 PM
In the pursuit of the pesky problem afflicting my 180sx i decided to take a look at the ecu codes. Trying to find the consult port in order to short it out and hence activate the engine check light turned out to be a dismal failure. I then decided to look at the actual ecu unit and ascertain whether it had fault led's on it. To my surprise i found a MINES rom ecu or should i say a Nissan OEM ecu equipped with a MINES daughterboard. The following two pictures are of the outer front case and one of the sides which has a trimpot with what looks to be an inactive led next to it (i checked the led when the engine was on, no joy)

Any ideas what that silver sticker has written on it?

13-05-02, 09:54 PM
and the next pic with the front of the ecu

13-05-02, 10:00 PM
in the hole where the silver sticker is is there a screw.. the sticker would indicate there there is. dont know about the s13 ecu's but the e15et ecu has a similar thing. has 2 leds next to a screw. turn the screw the opposite direction and the led will turn on indicating diagnostics mode. the s13 stock one shuld have one though... ohh wait from memory diagnostic mode in the s13 was done another way! even if the led's do turn on you dont know the codes for it.

FR Driver
14-05-02, 12:40 AM
ok,the quick answer: the silver sticker refers to an idle adjustment screw,and the block of text says this,and to not be too rough with your adjustment of said screw.

summarised,"this is the engine idle speed controller,go easy when you turn it."

I'd suggest that you get the car on a dyno as soon as possible,and check how it runs. japanese aftermarket chipped-factory ECUs aren't always a good thing to run in a car that is in Australia,as the tuning maps within are often quite aggressive,and not often appropriate for both our conditions,and the fuels we use.

better to check now,rather than fix it after you lose an engine to pinging.


14-05-02, 11:48 AM
Thanks FR :)

Will try and stuff around with it tonight