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25-05-02, 01:44 PM
Hey guys, i got another problem with my 6cyl VK....

The timing keeps going out on it, what happen is ill set the timing and take it for a drive, its alright going slow, but once i give it some and its under load the timing goes out, all i have to do is move the dizzy to a different position and its all ok untill it happenes again.

I pulled the dizzy out and checked the gear on the bottom, and it wasnt stripped.

So dose anyone have any idea???? im fully stuck....:confused:



25-05-02, 02:44 PM
I have some ideas you have probably tried already but here they are anyway. Might teach someone else a trick or two.

Have you checked out the freedom of movement of the mechanical advance that sits in the bottom of the dizzy? The advance weights might not be free on their hinges or the top shaft of the distributor might be a bit sticky where it pivots on the bottom shaft.
This would cause the timing to be correct at idle and low revs. But when you give it some high revs the timing would advance as it should but it would not return back to the original timing position. It would remain advanced.

I've had this problem before and found the mechanical advance setup and the shafts were a bit rusty. A bit of a clean up and some grease solved it.

You can check if the upper and lower shaft are a little sticky on each other by grabbing the rotor and trying to turn it the same direction it turns when the engine is running. It should feel like it's got a spring attatched to it and it should feel smooth. When you let go it should return to the original position.
If it is very easy to turn and doesn't return back to the original position the advance springs might be broken.

The vacuum advance plate that the points or electronic pickup sit on might be sticky on the plate it rotates on. This could cause the problem also.

Hope this helps.

25-05-02, 03:02 PM
Thanks alot mate, that dose sound right, how it stays in the advanced position. I might go pull it out now, ill let u know how i go..:)



25-05-02, 05:35 PM
mike u have mail

26-05-02, 01:58 PM
Sorry mate, should have explained myself a little better. I'm doing buger all at work today so I might go into some detail.

You do the "twist test" with the dizzy still in the engine. That way there is something to twist against. The resistance should be reasonably strong but not strong enough to break the plastic rotor. If you try one direction it should be solid and the other direction should be springy.

While you have the dizzy out you might as well tear it down and give the mechanical advance and the top shaft some grease as it doesn't take long.
The only thing is that you will have to set the points gap after doing this if your dizzy has points, which it probably doesn't which makes it a lot quicker.

I reckon you should find a Holden repair manual as I'm sure they can explain it better than me but here's a bit of a guide anyway.

To see the mech advance you take out the plate that the points, or in your case maybe the electronic pickup, sit on. I played with a few holden 6's years ago but I can't remember the exact setup so you might have to remove the vacuum advance diaphragm to get this plate out.
Once the plate is out you can see the two weights that get flung out as the revs increase and cause the top shaft to turn on the bottom shaft.

I've heard that the pins that the weights are attetched to can wear badly so you might want to check these also by taking the springs off and seeing how much slop they have. While you have the springs off check how freely the top shaft turns on the bottom shaft. If it's sticky then take the shafts apart by opening the screw that sits in the center of the shaft if looking from the top of the dizzy. Sometimes there is a piece of gauze jammed in the hole that you have to pick out with a small screwdriver before you can see the screw.

Give all the moving parts some grease and put it back together. Put that piece of gauze back and drop a little oil on it as you should every service to keep the shaft lubed.

Before you put the vacuum advance back on check the plate rotates smoothly also

Chuck the dizzy back in the block in the right position and set the timing again.

Hope that helps mate.

26-05-02, 09:59 PM
Yeah give the rotor button a good twist....I had the same problem in a mates Escort..the top half of the shaft spun...it ended up letting go in a big way just out of Yass and left me stranded overnight in the middle of winter....bugger of a way to learn that lesson.