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01-06-02, 07:44 PM
Im gin to buy a 308 VK 5l, It has some work done to it, think headwork, cam, donno what else, pretty sure its had a rebuild, guy bought it like that so he doesnt know whats been done, it has definetely been played with though.
HOw can i find out whts been done?

02-06-02, 08:28 PM

02-06-02, 08:48 PM
Pull the engine apart and have a look.

Or maybe do a power run to see if it has more than stock.

02-06-02, 09:07 PM
It definelty has more than stock, cause i tested 2 vk 308 already, and this one just has far more low end torgue than the others. Basically it has way more low end torque, than stock standard 308. Would that mean work would be Heads, Cam, Would these things cause this low end torque.It has enhaust and extractors.