View Full Version : Lookout for Hijacked Mazda Astina

14-07-02, 08:20 PM

14-07-02, 10:04 PM
Thats shoking!!

Australia is turning into America...

Did he get the plates on the lancer?
was it at gunpoint?

14-07-02, 10:48 PM
No he got partial plates on it it started with AEL but it might of been stolen plates no they pulled him over to ask him about the car as it is for sale and they clobbered him from behind 2 guys and the other 2 guys took off with the car.

14-07-02, 11:24 PM
That guys name isnt Pete is it???? Looks like his car......

15-07-02, 12:55 AM
wtf? thats heaps crazy man!!.. But being asked at 5am is a bit sussed man....

I hope your friend finds out who the **** is anf fu(k em up man....

Didnt knwo shit like htat happends in Australia man

15-07-02, 09:27 AM
No his name is Carlos yeah i have heard these things happen all the time in Australia looks like we are walking into America's footsteps.

15-07-02, 11:33 AM
thats farked!! :(
good luck finding it!!
by the sounds of it someone needed some parts for astina or something like that!!!

ill keep an eye out for ur mate, UNTAMED!

15-07-02, 05:53 PM

30-07-02, 09:21 PM
how many cars got jacked over the past few weeks? last count it was 4 and thats just from the ppl i know...

30-07-02, 11:11 PM
Well they found the car with the mags taken off and the stereo and steering wheel at Mount Ousley in Wollongong but Police have charged two guys in connection with it because they raided there house and found clothing with blood on it and police have checked DNA and matched it with my friends but we will have to wait until this goes to court

Swifty GTi
31-07-02, 06:43 PM
outstanding - at least he will have an opportunity for a little meeting with them when this is resolved.

I think you should organise a cruise to these guys houses to let them know we're not happy with carjackings ????

31-07-02, 07:00 PM
yeh sounds like a good idea though the cops should give them hell

01-08-02, 08:54 PM
mate of mine got ****ed up buy 5 guys with bassball bats at logan hyperdome at a atm. all they got was $60 and nearly killed him for it!
fuked up world!!