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18-07-02, 09:03 PM
Its strange, As i read through the stolen cars they all seem to be from perth melbourne sydney areas, there don't seem to be very many thefts from brissy; i know they do still happen as my brothers 180sx stereo show car was stolen while he was sleeping in front of his own house, anyway is theft in brissy as unpopular as it sounds?

22-07-02, 10:07 PM
Definately not as much as Sydney by the looks of it.

I saw a car theft in progress though once, these guys stole an old datton froma tennis club, two guys (owners of said car) came running out to chase the car, car got stuck in traffic and owners armed with tennis racket beat the crap out of the thieves as the cops were driving up.

No car jackings with guns that I have heard of though.

23-07-02, 07:33 PM
There have been 2 armed car jackings in the towong area that i am aware of (i know because i have a friend who lives in the area).

08-09-02, 03:32 AM
the 180sx in question had the following body mods

black duco
r32 nismo skyline tail lights
17" 3pc. volk racing rims
tinted windows
nismo side skirts
& minor bingle in the front end

audio equipment

2 x 15" cerwin vega spl subs
2 x rockford fosgate amps 1000w 2ch
fusion 1 farad capacitor
phillips gtm 1750 splits
rockford cd/tuner head unit

it was stolen from Palm Beach (gold coast) in October 99'

i need any info available due to the fact that im losing the court case involving my (former) insurance company. the decided not to pay although they cashed my $3990 check for 1 yrs insurance, and refunded the cash after it was stolen.


08-09-02, 11:55 AM
not really a big problem but usually it is people ripping of accessories. Usually it is professionals from outside