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15-08-02, 08:26 PM
On March the 25th my white VL Commodre with a Walky kit and 17 inch chrome Trilogy mags was stolen from my front yard. It had a big stereo, worked 308, trimatic with stally and shift kit, 3 inch exhaust and full Recaro interior. The only thing I have gotten back so far is the number plates and no news. Until the other day. I spoke to the detective that was in pursuit of it the night it was taken. Unfortunately the pricks didn't wrap themselves around a tree. The cop told me rumour has it it's in the bush around St Georges Basin area. It's been stripped and parts have been put on other cars and sold in Sydney and Wollongong. The interior is a one off so that's not hard to spot at all. The car only had an 8th of a tank of petrol so doing those sort of speeds wouldn't have gotten it too far. There is still a reward going for any information that leads to either parts of the car or the bastards that took it. The good thing now is that I know what direction the car went and the detective has spoken to a number of people that have said it's around the St Georges Basin-Tomerong area. If anyone's heard anything or happened to drive past it or see where it was headed on the morning of Monday the 25th of March between 1-2am you can email me at mis03l@hotmail.com

15-08-02, 10:37 PM
rsounds like an awesome car, u get insurance.

16-08-02, 09:11 AM
Couldn't get insurance with anyone. So much for Shannons doing modified car insurance. It was a beautiful car. Driving around in a VK now. it's not a pretty car but it flys.

16-08-02, 02:25 PM
Sorry to hear it, but 'in excess of 340 km/h?'


16-08-02, 02:26 PM
so when u say nobody could insure it, does that mean u got no money bavk for it whatsoever? u lost it all.

16-08-02, 02:59 PM
340KM/H? (You sure it wasn't 240km/h)????. Picturing in mind that this speed is above(quote me if I'm wrong) the max of Todd Wilkes twin turbo v8. Also how did the police know the speed(If it was the case he'd be so far behind during the chase I don't know if he would even be able to tell at all). Sounds like a nice ride though.

16-08-02, 06:07 PM
No money back at all. The police cars go off the clock at 300 and start shutting down at 310. My car was pulling away from them at 310. I'm pretty sure the Judge would have gone over 340. It was just never driven by some low life ****er trying to out run the cops.

17-08-02, 12:37 AM
Sorry about your loss as I'm sure it was your pride and joy, but to say it was pulling away from police pursuit which was doing 300km/h plus is a little over the top, are you positive its not 240km/h?

As far as I know police are not allowed to go past about 200km/h, and only that speed if they have pass their exams in the high speed pursuit course(or something like that) normally its around 160km/h. So to say a cop car was flying off a 310km/h, (I highly doubt a cop car can go even that quick)

17-08-02, 02:08 AM
Is this the VLL10N that was at the nowra show a while back? Dont have any info.... just wondering.

And 340 is definately untrue. There was a guy on ls1 forums a while back and in Street Commodores (from saudi or something) who had supercharged and intercooled etc his SS commodore and was having trouble breaking the 300km/h barrier. Now a STOCK cop SS (and for that matter, XR8) would therefore have absolutely no chance of hitting 310.

17-08-02, 08:17 AM
In cop pursuits dont there cars have to pull out at 150km/h otherwise it is too dangerous for bystanders and the cops
Anyways , Sorry to hear about the car

17-08-02, 08:29 AM
The policeman that was in the chase told us how fast the car was going, They didn't have to pull out of the chase because it's a fairly isolated area where it was chased through. bout 35k's of straight and flat road. It may sound unbelieveable, but this is exactly what the piggy told us and keep in mind that the walky kit is designed for those kind of speeds.

17-08-02, 08:58 AM
sorry to hear about the loss.

Incidently what diff ratio did u have?

what tyre height?

if u had 18's they measure about 26" in height, with a diff ratio of 3.08 the engine would have to be turning over at 8200 rpm to reach those speeds (highly unlikely), with a 2.6 it would have to be turning over at 7000. From the above you should be able to work out if the policeman was tell you truths or lies. If he wasnt telling the truth, what did he have to gain and what else did he lie about?

17-08-02, 09:54 AM
The reason I put this on was to try and get people who maybe knew something to come forward and tell me not to have the shit hacked of me by people who want to tell me how fast my car can go and how full of shit the cops are. I don't give a shit whether my car went 240,340 or whatever. Don't you think I would much rather still own it and the fastest I'd ever gotten it be 160? I was going on what the cop told me. I'm sure of what he said because my fiance was standing there with me. Maybe he was full of shit, meant 240 instead of 340 or kows something about the pursuit cars not many other people know. But I don't care how fast it went. I just want some info on where it might have gone after it lost the cops. If anyone knows, great let me know. If you don't and just wanna have a bitch about how there's no way it could have gone that fast set up a little forum in the general section and leave me alone. I feel bad enough as it is with no pride and joy, no insurance and still paying off the bloody loan.

17-08-02, 04:58 PM
guys ease up on the speed, its bad enough he got his car stolen, who cares about the speed.

17-08-02, 06:26 PM
Don't let them bother you shanel,this forum is full of "experts" who feel they need to put there BS 2c in.
Any luck today?

18-08-02, 11:11 AM
Maybe the cop was telling the truth? Would his name happen to be max? ;)

To tell something useful though, I haven't seen the car or heard of any car parts. Sorry

18-08-02, 01:39 PM
By the way Pearlvk I'm a she. Nah Chris no luck. There's shit loads of tracks I didn't even know about. I need to get hold of a motor bike for the day. Got one for me just need one for Craig to use. The cops name wasn't Max.

27-08-02, 11:08 AM
u say some parts have have gone to the gong?? next time your in that area, look for a big fat dude named Big Kev (yes, unbelievable but true :rolleyes: ) driving a worked blue VL turbo, he'll prob find the parts for u if the parts are in the gong

28-08-02, 03:20 PM
Not that it's that helpful, but there's a mob called "Just Cars" in melbourne who will ensure any modified car for anybody.

28-08-02, 09:59 PM
Pics of the "unique" bits of the car would certainly help to let others know what to look for.

29-08-02, 01:58 PM
Just Cars are full of shit. They wouldn't insure me.

29-08-02, 04:32 PM
I was insured with Just Cars and I drive a modified turbo rotor with every aspect of the car modded, I can't see why they wouldn't insure you!!!!

30-08-02, 12:23 PM
Well maybe you should ask them because I rang them three times about insurance and they wouldn't give it to me. I even tried doing it in my dads name.

30-08-02, 03:25 PM
Might have something to do with your driving or claims history, or a multiutude of other things that would cause you to fall outside their acceptability.

That doesn't make them "full of shit" - Comprehensive Insurance is not a right, when will people realise this ??

30-08-02, 04:16 PM
Just cars have insured me, and i've lost a total of 21 points, lost me licence twice. And my car is a Toyota Sera. And to top it off they insured me when i was 19.
mind you this yearly cost is around $4200.
So i don't see why they could insure u.

07-09-02, 11:33 AM
My father is 54, he has a max no-claim bonus and hasnt had a fine in 16 years. I have never made a claim or had an accident, and the last time I lost a point of my license was 2 1/2 years ago. Still, like I said, I tried in my fathers name (without me as a driver) and they wouldn't do it! Don't try to tell me different because the hunt for insurance went on for about 1 year. I don't give a shit about who could've given me insurance now because my car is gone for good and I know that I tried my hardest to get it insured before it was stolen!!

16-09-02, 08:00 PM
come on guys, stop questioning her about speed
and insurnace, and start asking around for any info.
i dont wanna be a meanie, but sounds like it was a
ver very nice car. i dont live in nsw so i cant help, but
i try to help anyone i can.

good luck to u

mr bt1
17-09-02, 09:43 PM
im back been on holidays this is for the guys harassing shanel i owned the car i had the moter built i had the diff ratios done you want answers ask me .as for information on the car we are after
the interier was a one off recaro interier grey with purple and blue weavin same for door trims etc walkinshaw kit that has scrapes on the left hand lower mould and a crack were the mould is for the jack on the side flair kit has reconisable scratches that wont be easily hidden .moter in a 304 block with police numbers shanel if you have them post them up the car had a trimatic
boot is a custem job.wich has the hsv emblem gold plated maybe somebody could post the pics..as for insurace i had a hard enough time and im 25 years old and car was always garaged .ps i personally have had the car at 220 km /h and she would of went more so please all the young lady wants is her car back and please back off ...the car was featured in street commodores readers ride section dec 2000..

19-09-02, 11:25 PM
Once the insurnace comps here your car is......
2.V8 and
3.has a walky kit they shit bricks and can't wait to hang up on you!

So its not as "easy" as you all clam it to be.