View Full Version : Stolen from Gold coast: blue EB GT lookalike

23-03-03, 11:23 AM
my mates car was stolen last night (22/3/03) from outside his house in Ashmore, i think at about 8:00pm.

the car is a light metallic blue EB falcon with a EB GT bodykit minus rear wing, it has 16" ROH Prowlers on it (tyres are like 2 weeks old as well!) and an aftermarket exhaust.

from the front, possibly due to the colour, it looks a tiny bit like a BA XR6, minus the fog lights.

i have never seen this colour on another falcon so it should be easy to spot, though now its probably a burned out wreck...

my mate was walking back to his house from being across the road at a neibours house and saw it drive away, he thought his dad had borrowed it, so he walked into his house and asked his mum where he went, she says no he hasnt taken the car, and then my mate realised he still had the keys to the car in his pocket...

this is the only pic i have of it at the moment, i am tying to get more, as i realise most people have no clue what a EB GT looks like.

the rego number is 816 GTL.

it had a little stezza, consisting of 2X 10" Pioneer chekerplate subs (i think they were in seperate boxes), a blaupunkt amp and a sony head unit, he cant remember the model names unfortunately.


any help VERY VERY VERY much appreciated, please ring the cops if you see it or hear anything about it!!!!

29-03-03, 03:43 PM
ok, well the car was recovered, minus (tinted) door glass, most of the interior, steering wheel, indicators, lights, computer, exhaust, kit springs, shocks etc, was well stripped down and will cost about $4k to return to stock, let alone put it back to how it was!!!


so if you see or hear about any EB falcon parts for sale that may be slightly suss, please tell the cops or post up here...

29-03-03, 04:27 PM
rollin i've been keepin my eye out,
but hey i hope he had insurance..

hope to see the car out again,soon i hope
sort of miss seing the blue beast cruising with us FF fella's..
im passing the word out ,to all my mates in the coast area,I hope ppl do the same..
cheers HOON69 the one and only..