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04-06-03, 05:50 PM
i went to a mechanic in dandenong that are probably the most dodgey people i have ever dealt with they are located on ****** road dandenong ****** actually got a engine conversion done and they actually kept the engine i wanted in my car and brought a dodgey one to put in it. They kept the car for 12 weeks or so and then decided not to give me any reciepts invoices warrentys or other doucments. I JUST WANT TO WARN EVERY1 OUT THERE THEY ARE SCAMS!!!!

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Naming these companies is an easy way to get yourself banned - please do not put the forums in a position where we have to fight YOUR legal battles for defamation.

05-06-03, 09:55 AM
mate get in touch with the department of fair trading and the MTA ASAP...... best of luck

05-06-03, 10:49 AM
Thanks mate,
I actually have but it is a very long process :O :mad: :( :( :confused:

05-06-03, 11:14 AM
Yeah dodgy mechanics are common unfortunately, but your case is unusual. You should have a good chance when filing a complaint with the relevant authorities against these tossers.

You really have to know what to look for. Had two cases. The first was I had a car with an airhorn and the compressor was f*cked(it should make a click sound when activated). Went to the mechanic said what was the matter and he put his ear near the compressor and said it was fine(went to auto electrician and they told me the problem). Maybe the mechanic was deaf?

Second was the mechanic tried to tell me that a toploader gearbox is a standard borg warner. Looked through an old mag and it is very easy to spot the difference(he was going to sell it through the mechanic grapevine : consequence would have been a few hundred dollars lost). Told my family to stop taking their cars to this dick and one day the lifters of the family hack start making serious noise after a service. Checked the oil and what do I find. No oil :wtf: . These guys were ***************** new owners now, but they are still dodgy as we took our car back once or twice).

Sorry about the long message but the word dodgy mechanic always gets my blood boiling. Good luck and hope your complaint goes well ;)

Moderators comments - DO NOT NAME these places - take it to PM.

05-06-03, 11:52 AM
Thanks everybody for your concern, i took down the engine number and thats how i realised it was a different engine, then when i actually went to pick up the car the engine that was suppose to be put in was sitting down on the ground and i asked why was the engine there and he said i put in a new engine.(which was dodgey) and he actually told me he got the engine for $1400 and i payed $3400 for my engine and he was being trivial about it and laughed in my face and refused to provide a reciept or invoice on the engine. He also put faulty parts on the car and kept the new parts such as the power steering hose and fuel pump. I then notifyed the police, consumer affairs and small claims and there dealing with the matter

will inform on progress

05-06-03, 06:41 PM
does everybody pay up front for their work, or just not realise until later?


06-06-03, 08:57 PM
i know how you feel.

a guy in ******** dandenong (an importer i might say), done the dodge on me, not giving parts.

i wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

didn;t give me all parts i paid for, and just ****ed me around.

then the mechanic who was the laziest price ever. didn;t do nothing for 3 months. if i ever see him again i will pound his head into the ground so hard.

i have now found a place i am happy with and can trust.

through a friend, who have done many hot cars. They are experienced, and know there shit.

go with someone you can trust, but these guys sure sound dodgey.

go to the fare trading department, bring them name down, that'll teach em.

07-06-03, 11:04 AM
Hey offtap,
If you dont mind which mechanic do you go to now ? i no how you feel man i was f*cked around for 3mths aswell and the prob is im still stuck with the dodgey engine they put in for me, as it will take awhile for all of this shit to sort out.