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16-06-03, 02:02 PM
Hey guys a mate of mine had his car stolen,

Its a 1995 R33 GTS25T
Yellow in Colour (See pic)
GTR Bodykit
Exhaust, Cooler, Suspension etc.

Call 0403 33 44 00 or the police if anyone finds anything


16-06-03, 06:03 PM
Saw a yellow r33 heading down paramatta rd towards the city today at around 4:30. It was being driven by a young (20-30)white male with a white passenger (both normal height and relatively short hair) and was being given abit. Hadn't seen the post before hand so I didn't take notice of the plates. Not that many yellow r33s around though. IIRC it had a visible front mount.

16-06-03, 06:10 PM
that was most proberly it then, urmine has a front mount as well

16-06-03, 08:33 PM
It was seen this arvo at strathfield so yeah that was prolly the car

16-06-03, 08:37 PM
The numberplates are a tad ironic don't you think?

Hope he finds it.

17-06-03, 12:22 PM
I saw the front/side on pic on overclockers australia... It was almost definitely the car I saw! Same wheels/front bar/cooler etc.

17-06-03, 01:13 PM
COV3R: Several people have seen it all in the same area at different times yesterday which would lead us to believe the sightings are correct.

Hopefully it turns up soon!

17-06-03, 07:49 PM
Hey guys, heres some new info.

Post from Paul the owner:

yeah guys.. it seems like the car has got new wheels.. (my rears were down to the metal.. has been spoted around burwood again... and new plates proably nicked.. went for a drive around today but didnt see her.. obviously these guys are pretty stupid...

things the car has that are unique..

white instrument cluster dials
bride driver's seat
area under the radio is silver with a boost gauge in it and a empty whole next to it...
has a hks n1 style exhaust
big front mount

Obviously these people arent terribly smart so all of you who have seen this car around burwood or Strathfield please keep your eyes open as it would seem the car is still cruising.

17-06-03, 08:00 PM
I work in burwood... so I'll keep an eye out!

17-06-03, 10:26 PM
what sort of retard would flog a bright yellow modified car...


17-06-03, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by matyi
what sort of retard would flog a bright yellow modified car...


at least one!

Hope u find it soon and scums who tooks it ...

hope it wasnt the 2nd skyline from teh picture which was spotted ...

17-06-03, 10:37 PM
COV3R: Good that you work in Burwood, there is a decent chance the idiots might "cruise" around tommorrow.

pm me please.

18-06-03, 07:56 AM
Originally posted by matyi
what sort of retard would flog a bright yellow modified car...


well the answer to your question is this, it does not really matter what colour the car is, why ? because it is most proberly been used for ram-raids and these guys will pull a chase from any cop, HWP or GD's it does not matter. if you were listening to a police scanner over the last few nights there has been a heap of ram-raids every night and they just take off from the police. it is all about how quick and how much power the car has.

18-06-03, 10:06 AM
When I saw it there wasnt a scratch visible, so he might still be lucky.

18-06-03, 12:27 PM
I am only 10 minutes away as well so will keep an eye out....

I have seen this car before i think.... has it been at Eastern Creek Track days at all???

Heres another pic of the front end guys....


18-06-03, 01:37 PM
Brad, thanks mate - everyones help is greatly appreciated.

I *really* hope these tools are spotted by someone from the forums soon so they can find out first hand how strongly we all feel about theiving C***s

19-06-03, 09:10 AM
Well URMINE has been found guys, it was found last night in Parramatta with several parts missing although the owner hasnt been to see it yet.

We do know the Bride drivers seat, complete intrument cluster, Front bar and likely intercooler is gone.

Thanks to all that kept an eye out

19-06-03, 09:29 AM

so they drove it round for a while then stripped it!! :(

19-06-03, 10:54 AM
Originally posted by BUZ-11T

so they drove it round for a while then stripped it!! :(

Good to hear he go it back, even if its missing lots of bits.