View Full Version : Stolen: Green 200sx s14a + Tools

19-07-03, 11:27 AM
Well went down to my garage this morning and well my car is gone. Looks like they have jimmed the door with a crow bar and to get to the car. The car had a brant alarm, 3 point immobilzer and siren. They have take all my tools from the garage and what ever else they could take of value. The car is a green 1997 s14a 200sx. Its insured but I would still like it back cause I've put a lot of time of effort into it. The Number plate is AJT38T , Vin/Chassis number JN1GBAS14A0003935. If you see it around pop me an email or give me a call on 0413528115. It was stolen from lane cove area at around 3AM this morning.

19-07-03, 01:19 PM
Just an update on some more stuff that was stolen,

-Recaro SR3 seat with rail to suit an s14
-Red tool box with repco tools in it
-Blue 1.5 Tonne gas jack and red in colour car stands
-Mugan athlete 1/8 nitomethanol radio controled car. Has a rare Italian CMB 21 engine in it with a 10 port sleeve.
-Another radio controlled car, 1/10 scale, alfa body, not worth much but for parts

19-07-03, 05:16 PM
sorry to hear that mate, sucks doubley when they take it from your garage.

will keep an eye out

19-07-03, 06:10 PM
bad luck jampac.. good luck finding it.

20-07-03, 12:07 AM
****en mother****ers

benny u know how much i enjoyed working on your car

hopefully we can recover it

I suspect someone off one of the forums might have had an eye on it. If you are reading this then i suggest you don't sell any parts in Sydney.

Only a matter of time till fate meets up with you cockaroaches.

20-07-03, 10:33 AM
Thats sad to hear..

When the theif is caught, make sure their details are posted here. Scum deserve their just rewards..

And V, you scary man.. check ur PMs

Carlos the Jackal
21-07-03, 10:08 AM
Damn im sorry to hear that man. A hint to anyone with aftermarket management, take it out of the car if possible to make it alot harder for the pricks to get away with your car


22-07-03, 02:01 PM
dude, my friend just had his green s14a 200sx stolen from his apartment in ryde nsw a few days ago. the cops found the car, it was written off but the worst thing was that he had his fiances engagement ring in the car and they took it...

i'll be sure to look around..

22-07-03, 03:46 PM
Hey Joyride,

How can we trust you with a name like that :p

22-07-03, 07:01 PM
joyride, did it have an alarm and immobilizer?

23-07-03, 07:20 AM
im sure he would of had alarm/immobiliser fitted to the car... hes not worried about the car, hes pissed off about the engage,ment ring!!

btw, my name means nothing, it was the only one i could think of at the time :o

23-07-03, 05:06 PM
that sux man, ill be selling my s14a soon.. can't get insurance, and just hearing about them getting stolen makes me feel awfull. I can't understand people stealing someone elses pride and joy.. I hope you get it back and I hope the person\s meet a painfull end...

28-07-03, 11:52 AM
sorry to hear about that Jampac, I take it the alarm was an AA02? I have the same setup on my car and yeah, I really think that professional thieves view these alarms as an annoyance rather than something which hinders their ability to steal a motor vehicle.

Keep us posted.

29-07-03, 09:56 AM
A professional thief will sooner or later work out how to beat most alarms, especially if it is worth doing eg wrxs, 200s etc. Better to have something with a few added "suprises" etc