View Full Version : stupid bloody typhoon #23..

28-11-04, 07:00 PM
the damn typhoon has seized up the brakes on my bike.. i only recently found out when the rear brake rotor is nearly gone cos the pads have eaten into them from the caliper seizing up..

today i checked the front caliper and only 1 piston out of the 2 works!! argh..

the bikes a mc19.. i replaced the rear caliper already.. gonna hop onto yahoo auctions and grab a front caliper for now while i clean the originals.

anyone know how i pop out the seized pistons so i can clean them.

01-12-04, 04:29 PM
sometimes they can get so seized that you basicaly cant get it out. i find the easiest way is to user an air blower to pop it out just cover it with a cloth or it will shoot out like a bullet