View Full Version : RZ250 '84 running rich

09-04-05, 04:00 PM
ello everyone

picked up an Yamaha '84 rz250 two days ago, its running way to rich with the oil mix. I put a litre of oil in it the day I got it, have done about 110k's nd used near two thirds of that already. And it blows way to much smoke.

Can someone give me a description of how I go about adjusting the mix ratio. I figure there's a knob or screw somewhere. This is the first two stroke I've owned, see. Am pretty savvy with four strokes nd genearl motor mechanics.


11-04-05, 02:44 PM
Erm, the proper procedure is pretty simple - but I can't remember it...
IIRC, if you can get a workshop manual for any Autolube Yammie, it'll show you the correct procedure.

It's not just the cable!