View Full Version : What gear do you wear when you are comuting?

08-11-05, 06:03 PM
Just a quick question for those that ride to comute. When you are comuting, what gear do you wear?

I've heard it mentioned that no matter if you are going for a fast ride in the hills or just going down to the shop for some bread, you should always wear all your gear. By 'all your gear' I assume that means leathers, boots, ect. So when you are going to work, what do you wear?

My immediate thoughts would be that while its safer to wear all your gear, it would be far more convienant to wear your work clothes and perhaphs a jacket over that. If not, you would have to pack your clothes and shoes into your pack, wrinkle them up nice and good, and change when you get to work.

On the other hand, I think Id rather have wrinkled clothing than no skin.

What do you do?

08-11-05, 06:05 PM
I wear sturdy jeans, jacket, gloves and helmet. Change into my work gear when I get there. I wear a suit minus the jacket usually.

08-11-05, 06:22 PM
when i was 5 minutes ride from work id just wear my work clothes and boots + gear suited to the weather since there was next to no traffic i would be lucky to see 2 cars/bikes on my way. when i was 15 minutes away i wore 2 peice leathers and boots as i travelled on much busier roads

08-11-05, 07:03 PM
As a minimum, helmet, jacket, gloves, Draggins, Sidi boots, back protector.

I've crashed at 80kph and 100kph, but the crash at 50kph was the one which almost killed me, and I was wearing the above mentioned gear. There is no excuse (in my experience).

My 2c worth.

BTW :wtf: 3 replies so far, and I'm the only one to do the poll?

09-11-05, 08:50 AM
I wear work gear with jacket, gloves, helmet, boots so basically I am covered except my arse/legs. :eek:

PS - the poll only says work gear or full gear - I wear a combo of both. ;)

09-11-05, 09:58 AM
BTW :wtf: 3 replies so far, and I'm the only one to do the poll?

umm, no one cares? :confused:

10-11-05, 06:15 AM
That's because the poll doesn't have any 'half' options!

I wear touring boots, basic helmet, armoured summer jacket and summer gloves to work, but as I'm only a few minutes away I wear normal work trousers because it's too much of a hassle getting changed four times a day (I go home for lunch).

On casual days I wear the same but with a pair of Draggins instead.

On weekends I wear full leathers, back protector, race boots & quality helmet.

10-11-05, 06:20 AM
Why do you wear 2 different helmets? Wouldnt you be better off to wear the good one all the time as it would be no different to putting on the regular one?

11-11-05, 12:32 PM
A basic helmet is generally just as good as an expensive one in the event of a low-speed accident. Combined with the fact that it gets put under my desk, kicked on a daily basis and regularly risks being dropped... the good one stays on the shelf until a different riding style requires it.

13-11-05, 09:36 PM
"I'm with stupid"

I have a Shark lid which gets worn (competes with my Shoei) on commutes. But on track days or blasts thru the hills, I don't wear anything less than my Shoei lid :)

I wear full leathers always (even on short-ish trips) unless I'm going to a pub or something of more a casual nature, and even then its Draggin Jeans and I still wear my Sidi boots and Alpinestars jacket.

14-11-05, 05:22 AM
Ahh I see, thats fair enough my helmet has got heaps of battle wounds that are not crash related :(

14-11-05, 04:22 PM
Regarding the summer jacket - I only weat that when it's hot. If it's cool enough to tolerate the leather I don that instead.