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12-02-07, 05:27 PM
thought seeing as JZ powered anythings are the flavour of the month id put up mine :)

A 91 Dark green Soarer Limited electric everything, sunroof, heated mirrors etc etc bought it off an old guy stock except for and exhaust and a pod.

recently got a brand new 3inch zorst done from the dump back with a hi flow cat etc, flows waaaay better than the old one and is legal at 85dp (yay) and just the other week got a Haltech Interceptor wired in and tuned, car went in at 160ish at the wheels and now has 184rwkw at same boost (11psi), a good 20rwkw gain across the WHOLE rev range, feels a whole lot quicker now :w: and im told that power is pretty good with fatory dumps and just a pod

picked up eboost 2 today 650 new woot and my blitz autobarn special intercooler kit should arrive soon (2 month wait so far) so when that gets here ill put them on and with a few more pounds should net over 200rwkw

plans for the immediate future are to do injectors, pump, regulator, MV automatics shift kit and trans cooler and fit all my stereo gear i have lying around.

then once all the ancillaries are done ive decided to look into going a twin gt28 setup to keep it looking stock as possible so mr plod doesnt lift my bonnet and lick his lips with glee, should hopefull be able to achieve 300rwkw with this sort of setup.....

anyway enough ranting i will have pics up soon :)

12-02-07, 06:50 PM
:lol: I love how you mentioned that your car was JZ powered in the thread title. :sandyvag:

Check this thread out. http://www.performanceforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67204570

Even with the better turbos, my brothers soarer had enough fuel to go to 17psi on safe AFRs with stock fuel pump and injectors. Only fuel system mod is a 1.7:1 malpassi fuel reg. It also runs a $5 DIY fuel cut defender.

18-02-07, 07:04 AM
What's the haltech interceptor do? And where can I get one?