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19-02-07, 02:31 AM
Yes, I know it's a four-door, and they aren't worth jack-shit. But the Mrs.' first car was this 68 Cutlass, and her grandfather actually owned it from new before her. It's been sitting out in the yard for a couple of years now, but as soon as the snow melts I'm gonna drag it out and see if I can get it going again. The last time it ran was when it was parked up (~4 years ago now), but at the time it was all in working order.

Four-door, front discs, rear drums, 4-barrel 350, 3-speed auto. That's about all I know. Definitely needs a throttle cable & a new tire, as well as the front bench seat re-covered. Other than that, I'm not sure what it will need.


Minor rust:


Less-minor rust:


In teh weedz!



The rust is the key issue. Once it's dry out, I'll put it on up stands or a lift and go over the underbody with a hammer and an ice-pick. If it looks solid, I'll keep it; if not I'll part the thing out.

Thoughts & comments? If it does go, only mods will be HEI ignition, maybe an exhaust and some paint. And, maybe a rear disc conversion.

19-02-07, 06:34 AM
maybe give it some decent seats instead of the back-snapper! :p

These things make for a cool ride. Give it some decent suspension and rims.

19-02-07, 06:35 AM
Yeah, I'm not sure about the seats; I will have to fix them up somehow. Maybe replace them with later-model stockers? Here is a shitty pic of the interior, the doors were locked so I couldn't get inside:


Wheels I might keep; I would like to use some of the Rally-Sport wheels (like this (http://www.planethoustonamx.com/hornetmachinerims.jpg)) but that will come down to $ more than anything else. I am guessing all the suspension & brakes will need to be replaced though...

One big question is that, if I keep it, should I stay with the 350 or ditch it and put a 455 in there. They bolt right up...

19-02-07, 06:38 AM
A pair of decent seats out of something from the 90's or early this century shouldn't be too hard to come by. Look at BMW or Volvo, they make a comfy seat suited for people that are neither midgets or blimps unlike the Jap cars or Yank ones.

19-02-07, 07:04 AM
You have to keep the bench seats in there - that's half the character of the car right there!

19-02-07, 08:16 AM
I knew/know someone who's got/had a Pontiac 455 out of a trans-am, can't remember who or even if they've still got it.
Gonna have to think on that.
edit - stoopid me, ur in the US so that ain't gonna help.
Have to agree with zac, bench seat must stay.
Paint it matt black with flames & drop it way too low + add stock 455 with loud exhaust for the cruiser win!


19-02-07, 10:25 AM
I would like to keep the bench seat; I think you guys are right & its good character to have. I need to re-cover it though, but all the re-covering kits I've seen are like $250! I hope I can find it cheaper somewhere.

On the fence about the motor, I would like to keep the 350 (it has the "good" heads) but I can probably find a much more modern 455 for less than $100. As for paint... too far away to think about now, but if it does happen, it'll stay yellow. Black wheels are a possibility though!

I would like a 4-door 442 replica :)

20-02-07, 07:53 AM
er hm.

350 RAM ROD sedan with the cold intake parts and 350 Ram Rod decals on the front guards.