View Full Version : The Minicab and the SL(UG)

20-04-07, 08:23 AM
Thought I should chuck these up as to what I was up to in the UK.

First off is my dear departed Nissan QX (Maxima) 3 litre V6, auto, glass sunroof, leather everything, heated seats yadda yadda....29,000 new and dropped like a lead balloon (like all large Japanese cars here in the UK)

So what you say....



was heaps of fun for a while and it launched like a battlecruiser till this.....


Turned out that the bearing had went and a hole appeared in the transmission casing. A few places said that the CV joints would have went before the gearbox did and that it was going to happen no matter what)

Well, in Oz, a Maxima transmission would be quite cheap since no many of them around but not in the UK.....1800!!! I only paid 2750 for the car so off it went for 500 on the back of a trailer.

So after swearing off cars, bought this for the equivalent of 14,000 Aussie pesos:


Only a 300SL but otherwise the same as the other R129's (removable roof, softtop etc) but selling it to save up for a deposit. Always wanted one and a lot cheaper here so had my 'fix' and off it must go.