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23-06-07, 11:53 AM
ey guys,

Picked this up last month. Its a GTS model, Imported about 4 years ago, and owned by my friend since then. Perfect timing as i wa afte a white hardtop

I have to say, its nothing like the AW11. The aw11 was much funner to drive and i regret not getting another to finish the build. It is a nicer car to drive tho, not as rough, loud and quicker etc
17" Buddyclub p1
Koni/King suspension
Apexi Cooler
Haltech e6x
Exedy Clutch
Boost cont

Only change so far is back to my plates and late model front lights.

In transit are the Trust T67 kit, Late model tail lights, gauges and new exhaust system. (Straight through, no muffler but hi flo cat)

23-06-07, 11:55 AM
ohh yeah, forgot, i did add this CAMS approved toy straight away too :P

23-06-07, 07:15 PM
Damn taht is nice. And perfect colour too IMO. T67 is gonna be a huge mother on a 2ltr. Are engine internals gonna follow suit?

23-06-07, 09:16 PM
Looks alright, how do they actually handle?

Doesn't look like you can park for shit though... :D

25-06-07, 08:36 AM
Thanks, yeah, T67 on this is very popular in USA. No internals apart from some cams, and see how tuff the 3sgte is hehe.

Umm..it handles ok, I think the King Springs arnt helping tho, its nothing like the aw11, Supra or IS200, it feels like Im driving a Turbo camry :(. I have also bought some 22mm Tanabe Sway bars, so see if this helps, and hopefully get some coilovers happening.

06-09-07, 11:32 AM
Bit of an update lads..Well i just hadnt been bothered to update here...
Some gauges to watch those temps!
Upgraded the tail lights
Old Engine taken out....
New Rims coming :D
New race seat (Sorry bout shit quality phone pics)
Engine all freshened up, with new seals/belts/gasktes etc and Turbo mounted.
All was ready to go until we went to put the new clutch in (Which is an Exedy Sports Organic) but the flywheel was shagged, so bought a toda.
Also bought some 22mm Tanabe Sway bars and JIC Coilovers, Project Mu 900 brake pads and HnT Sway Bar end links.

06-09-07, 09:17 PM
Nice car.

Glad you are not using those advan 3 spokers.... :knock:

The hot side on the turbo is tiny as! should hit full boost at 2000rpm ! lol

Is this car still at Paden's? I own the T78 Supra, and I've seen your ride numerous times.


06-09-07, 09:58 PM
Toda! Nice, how much did that set you back?

Damn you dont mess about. Did you DIY the engine mods?

ps, where did you get your seat from?

10-09-07, 02:07 PM
yeah, its still at Padens man, im so envious of your car, with the XD9's right? Wanna swap?? hehee How is yours?

DAT, yeah got the flywheel for $580 delivered from a place calld N*Power...
Na the engine stuff is all done at the mechanic, the other stuff I did at home. The seat i bought off a forum. used.

16-09-07, 07:42 PM
hehe yeah XD9s. Had a minor issue with it but that has been fixed (calibrated TPS). Yeah goes hard to say the least.. ;)

Hurry up and finish your car ;)

04-10-07, 11:45 AM
Man i wish i still had a supra, i want another one!!

Well gets tuned this Saturday. Should be fun!

27-03-08, 11:33 AM
I havent updated this in a while, as i been umming ahhing about selling it, but at the moment im enjoying it.

Ive replaced teh gearbox for a ST205 GT4, as 3rd synchro was a bit dodgy.

Ive changed wheels to Advan RG, and now making 225rwkw with the t67.

Running buuddyclub Junior Spec coilovers too that was a huge difference.

Buddyclub Seat
Finally moved the gauges and installed deck and also red led put in the dash...
Advan RG
R32 GTR rims for track (khumo V70a)
Here is a little mod i did, removing usless boost gauge and replacing it with an omori.
Opened the Cluster Housing up, and here is where the gauge will go"
Got my new Dremel Kit from Ebay (Like $12!)
With a lot of shaving/cutting, i got the surface nice and flat.

Criniging, I took the bezel/glass off the gauge

And here is the Finished product:

Deus Ex
27-03-08, 11:59 AM
hot hot hot hot

I was so set on an Sw20 for a while, then it got very hard to find a good once (not that it matters cause no fuck wants a Z these days).

Love the red LED, is that hard to do on a modern car?

27-03-08, 12:05 PM
Very nice job on the gauge, I started to do that, gave up and put in a flat panel with all new gauges! You obviously have much more patience then me :)

27-03-08, 12:11 PM
One of the most fun imports I ever belted was a TD06 powered SW20.. came on late but so angry.

Lets just say mid corner boost was NOT good.

I would own a neat one in a heartbeat. Good fun little cars, and the 3S is a killer motor.

Yours just happens to be a great example.

What ECU injectors etc?

27-03-08, 02:04 PM
Yeah thanks lads!

TJ, Haltech e6x, SARD 800cc, Bosch Pump, HKS 264 Cams Fidanza gears.

Yeah with updated sway bars its much better to drive, unfortunately the T67 is too big for small circuit like Wakefield....:(