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28-06-07, 09:33 PM
My first car was a '77 Mk2 Triumph 2500 S which was ok as a P plater, but what I really wanted was a Mk1 2.5 PI. I couldn't find one though :(.

Then dad replaced his WRX with a Mk1 2.5 PI that he spent up big on to get it daily driveable (rebuilt fully balanced engine, unleaded head, metering unit set up by the guy that does all the old F5000 ones, rebuilt Laycock A Type O/Drive box (so it had first, second, second o/drive, third, third o/drive, fourth, fourth o/drive), Konis, new sway bars and bushes, Datsun driveshaft and uni conversion, Dolomite Sprint LSD, slammed on its arse, decent offset minilites, black roof with pale green body and a full black interior. I decided I needed a Mk1.

I found this in umm... 2002 or 2003, it had been sitting in a club member's shed for a year and a half, previous to that it had been owned by an old bloke on the York Peninsula who rarely drove it. It's an automatic 2000 (3 speed Borg Warner box, 2 litre 6 cylinder), it's a 68 so it has the same boot setup as a PI (spare wheel under the floor rather than on the rhs like in 64-67) so it could be used as a shell for a PI build. Blue interior, all fresh wooden trim, one of the only uncracked dash's I've seen, and a cool ash tray that folds out of the dash. And big-ass rocker switches for the lights and wipers.

When I got it it had stock pizza cutters, gold spin-stripes down the sides and a set of heavy duty standard height springs. I pulled the pinstripes off but then realised they were there for a reason, either the bottom or top halves of the doors had been resprayed.

As far as I can remember, the only problems I've had were a dead diff (finding another 4.11 centre was a tad difficult, probably shouldnt have done so many single spinners...), the shafts between the carbies became worn at the ends and started jamming so I had that all rebushed, then recently after being laid up for a year and a half I found that the wiper switch had broken, so I've run a new wire to another switch until I can work out how to get the dash shell off to get at the wiper switch.

I ran it on 13 inch minilites for a while which looked ok, then back to stock pizza cutters, then I put it on 15 inch Longchamp XR4's that I'd bought for my DR30, but I ended up selling those rims so now its on 15 inch Watanabe RS8's. Rear springs are out of dads Mk2 PI race car (which sat too low at the back because the trailing arms are quite a bit longer on Mk2's) and the fronts I had custom made at Aurora, they were meant to be half an inch lower than dads Mk1 had but they ended up being nowhere near as low as they were supposed to be, but it took me 2 years from when I ordered them to when I fitted them, so its a bit late to take them back and ask them to give me what I wanted


28-06-07, 09:46 PM
It's slow as all hell in a straight line but has proven itself on the midnight downhill runs, it held far more speed than it should have been able to, to the point where friends cars had to back off. Mission accomplished.

Apart from its lack of speed it really is a nice car to drive, the brakes are excellent (better than the MX5's brakes I think), it rides really nicely and is really quite comfortable. Couldn't pull the skin off a bowl of custard though.

I'd quite like to drop a PI engine and a manual in it, we've got a few spare but I don't really want to wreck the fact that its a nice 2000 as there really aren't many around. It could do with the manual box though.

It's definitely one of the least rusty shells I've seen, none in the sills or boot area and nothing around the windscreen. The front left door has started to bubble up in the last 2 years though, I've got another rust-free one but havent worked out how to hang it properly and change the locks yet. The main problem it has is that the paint on the front guards and the nose is shot, its all cracked on the top. The roof is in need of a spray aswell.

All in all, its a nice old thing, just needs a bit of time spent rubbing it back and respraying it.


My first one

28-06-07, 11:26 PM
Lovely!! I did not realise they had a 4x114.3 stud pattern.

Do you have pics of your dad's one?

28-06-07, 11:54 PM
Not really, I had some from when he bought it but none from after he finished it, he ended up selling it after he got his M3 because he wanted this E28 M528i with a built 3.5 and relocated suspension points and coulnt get away with having 6 cars for himself so something had to give and the road/race Triumphs stayed


His was the green/black one in the middle


29-06-07, 01:58 AM
I love your white 2000 as well as those in collection of other pics including your father's 2000. Who owns the blue PI with the superlites?

I have had a few triumphs in the past and still have a fondness for them. The first was geniune Mk1 PI shell fitted with 2000 engine and OD box. I intended to restore it and regretted no doing so. My pick of the sedans would be a Mk1 PI. Had a number of Mk2 Mk2 PIs as well and a MK2 PI wagon shell.

29-06-07, 03:57 AM
The blue Mk2 PI and the TR3A are his. Mk2 was bought pretty much as is, its got a hot stroker and a few other tricky bits. TR3A was bought in '88 or '89 along with a red TR3, a red TR250 and a blue (I think) TR6. Sold the 6, left the TR3 as it was (it was a completely original one, paint was a bit worse for wear from the Texas sun but it had the most awesome patina, wish he'd kept that but he sold it to a friend a couple of years ago), TR250 was completely restored apart from the addition of triple Webers, that got swapped for his old GT6 race car with a guy from Victoria. The TR3A was a California race car, had quite a hot engine in it aswell as a spare race engine, Detroit Locker, side pipe that exited under the door and no windscreen, just aero screens. It got registered pretty much as it was off the boat (except for the exhaust with got swapped back after), a coat of paint and then straight off to melbourne for the Hallet Grand Prix rally in '89. By the time he got back to Adelaide he'd decided that the side pipe wasn't really suited for road duties lol. It got the green stripe one year when he was bored, then the nice black roll bar was painted yellow (blech) along with the wheels. Engine was rebuilt at some point and was running on avgas, its now a 2.2, high compression, big Webers but has had the carbs retuned and the timing backed off to get away with 98 octane with octane booster since avgas isnt strictly available anymore. It just needs some decent wheels and tyres instead of the awful old korean rubbish its got on it, its ok for the street but not great at Mallala, spins too easily at turn 2/3

29-06-07, 05:42 PM
The blue Mk2 PI and the TR3A are his. Mk2 was bought pretty much as is, its got a hot stroker and a few other tricky bits.


29-06-07, 05:50 PM
Guido: only the tr7 and dolomite have the stupid weirdo PCD. I think the herald had it too.

CTX: Yeah, cool cars man. I had a "guinea gold" 77 2500s which my old man gave to me as my first car. I promtly off loaded it and bought a dolomite sprint. The sprint has over time been somewhate modified. It runs rather well, as some forum members can attest. My sister now owns the car as I am OS at the moment.

My sister also had a 61 herald estate with a 2ltr six in it with twin strombergs. Absoloute piece of shit but really cool. Went rather well.

29-06-07, 05:51 PM
Stroker: from memory there are a few 2.7 or 2.8 ltr strokers running around. Make some decent numbers.
Am I the only one who thinks that the triumph sixes sound really good?

29-06-07, 09:46 PM
2.7 litres is usually obtained by boring them out from 74.7mm to somewhere around 77 or 78mm. they are a long stroke engine ... 95mm

30-06-07, 01:16 AM
Its been bored out then, 2.7.

Kiahatsiu - Carbied Triumph sixes sound good but a PI running socks off the throttle bodies sounds nuts, its like a cross between a V8 and a na 2JZ.

I really want to keep it and PI it now that I think about it... Run it with socks, just use a normal 4 speed and keep the 4.11 diff.

Anyone want to buy a MX5 Clubman? lol

30-06-07, 01:26 AM
Always loved the 2000/2500 Triumphs-one of the few things the British car industry actually did right (with the possible exception of the PI model :) )

Some guy squeezed a 300ZX twin turbo donk into one......

30-06-07, 02:33 AM
Martin Donnon's brother I think

30-06-07, 10:39 AM
What about an NA 1jz or 2jz? that would surely be enough.

30-06-07, 11:31 AM
Its been bored out then, 2.7.

Kiahatsiu - Carbied Triumph sixes sound good but a PI running socks off the throttle bodies sounds nuts, its like a cross between a V8 and a na 2JZ.

I really want to keep it and PI it now that I think about it... Run it with socks, just use a normal 4 speed and keep the 4.11 diff.

Do it ... :) a PI is one of the best sounding sixes around

What about an NA 1jz or 2jz? that would surely be enough.
there's a 1jz powered 2500 getting around, I am certain. remember seeing it advertised

30-06-07, 12:37 PM
Nice car mate!

Got any engine pics??

30-06-07, 07:07 PM
I could take some but theres nothing spectacular under the bonnet, just 90hp of pure gutlessness

07-07-07, 10:16 AM
Bored and stroked is possible, just very expensive. There was a TR6 in the Canberra club that had it all, capacity goes to 2.8L. My first car was a 1971 2000 auto. Despite being a shed, it was fairly reliable in it only stopped once, bent carb needle. But damm it leaked. Water pump, replaced with a NOS one found in Upway for $20, windscreen seals, rear diff and block. Bought a complete PI setup which we found was actually a TR spec setup, only just got rid of that this week. Scrapped the car 10 years ago because even though it was pretty rust free, it was twisted. Been wanting another one ever since.

Oh yeah, my suspension was complete stuffed. When the club stripped it one of the shocks actually seperated! Last I heard the engine was dropped into a GT6, the auto went into a 4.4 powered Stag and bits of the body fixed various other cars. And to this day no one know were the back seat came from, it didn't look like a Triumph one. I still remember hitting an idicated 110mph on Phillip ave in Canberra, towards the gate for those that know the area, then telling the passenger the brakes were abit "iffy". Students eh?

10-08-16, 01:47 AM
I swear I saw the Mk2 TC dad drove for pretty much my entire childhood (and my grandfather owned before that) today... White but with black pillars and 13 inch four spoke Hustlers (polished lips, black centres), had reissued R series plates RTR696 instead of SUJ666 that it had originally but I'm almost certain it was the same car. I found it for sale in the R31 Club forum years ago and we went and bought it back but it had gotten rusty in a couple of key spots so we pulled the overdrive box and I thought the shell had gone to a wrecker but apparently someone bought it.

I'd still really like to have another one when I have the space to store it

10-08-16, 01:51 AM


It didn't have the black bonnet for too long, and generally had a front bar, red interior. Was a really nicely sorted car in its day

Jack Nicholson
10-08-16, 01:58 AM
I like this!

As much as a JZ would be sensible, aren't there supercharger kits for these things? Moss Motors?

10-08-16, 02:00 AM
I've never seen one but I guess there were so many around that someone like Moss may have developed a kit.

10-08-16, 09:00 AM
Indeed Moss does:http://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=47649

10-08-16, 04:31 PM
In response to earlier posts, mine is a 2.7 PI motor made by simply boring it out and using Mazda Pistons. Has mild cam. Makes 130rwhp with the worst exhaust design I've seen and the stock intake. Has a bunch of torque, more than enough to pull along the spitfire it's in

Mister Black
10-08-16, 09:18 PM
Nice car but wut?

the brakes are excellent

A mate over there had a few, current one is a Mk1 I think which I've driven from there over to Winton with him a few times. It was really nice to drive but the brakes were frightening, it always pulled up in time but never felt like it was going to.

11-08-16, 01:17 AM
Heavy pedal but it stopped really well. Might have had 2.5L Mk2 brakes, I can't remember

Mister Black
11-08-16, 07:59 PM
Heavy pedal but it stopped really well. Might have had 2.5L Mk2 brakes, I can't remember

Apparently some of the problem was an early version of vacuum assisted brakes with not much manifold vacuum. Nice car to drive though, especially considering it's age.

11-08-16, 10:39 PM
I know a few Mk2s had issues with the boosters leaking internally, we had a couple in the club including my 2000.

11-08-16, 10:54 PM
I bought it from the club competition secretary, I assume it was well looked after while he had it, all his cars were immaculate

12-08-16, 11:55 AM
Have you seen the antique shop on Magill Rd that usually has a 2500 parked out the front? The guy is a Triumph tragic and has been selling a few as well. Friends of ours bought one as a second car - only modifications are a granny rug across the rear parcel shelf and ye olde hotwire mags.

12-08-16, 07:06 PM
I saw a wagon with a 4.4 P76 engine in Canberra a few years ago. Wagon just as cool as the sedan. Unfathomable how they didn't sell them here back in to day. Wouldn't be surprised if even NZ got the wagon.

12-08-16, 07:55 PM
I saw a wagon with a 4.4 P76 engine in Canberra a few years ago. Wagon just as cool as the sedan. Unfathomable how they didn't sell them here back in to day. Wouldn't be surprised if even NZ got the wagon. There were a couple of wagons floating around Canberra, not sure where that one came from originally, should ask. We kept hearing a story that the British high commision had a couple of Mk1 2.5 PI including a wagon that were used by their special branch.

12-08-16, 08:13 PM
Lumpy the yellow one that guy parks on Magill Rd has had a Rover 3.5 in it for years I think, I've never really seen any others there. Derek from Norwood Auto Parts always used to roll in mk2's and had a couple parked across the street from the Maylands Hotel

Miles has an estate with a thread on here I think?

There's a guy in..... Cant remember which little town in the hills... That did a beautiful restoration of a Mk1 PI estate

12-08-16, 08:16 PM
Wonder if it's a real Mk1 PI estate, iirc only 68 were built.

12-08-16, 11:24 PM
He was selling a silver one with a black stripe on the side a couple of months ago ($1800 from memory). Looked fairly straight and tidy. My friend down the road bought a white one off him about 12 months ago and said he had 6 in his yard and was thinning the fleet.
At the time I saw the silver one I was pondering why chrome bumpered jap shitboxes like 200Bs were apparently worth thousands but the pomgolian cars are still relatively cheap