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17-04-09, 06:28 PM
I wanna do some port work on my exhaust manifold, and a little on my turbine housing. I currently have a Dremel. Is this going to cut it ? Ive heard a few different thoughts, some people say yes, will work but take a long time. Some say dont bother.

Anyone tried grinding away cast iron with a Dremel before.

Better just go out and get myself a die grinder ?

Crash Dummy
17-04-09, 06:37 PM
Don't bother dude. Get a die grinder. I wouldn't consider using a dremal on anything harder than aluminum. Cast iron ? It's just not going to happen.

Die grinder ftw with the right bits. It'll eat the cast iron like butter where as the dremal won't even be able to barely smooth the surface.

17-04-09, 06:53 PM
never going to happen.

every manifold and turbine i have ported with die grinder has given the commercial 10hp workshop compressors a flogging.

die grinding makes even the biggest compressors seem small.

17-04-09, 06:54 PM
Ah fuck.

Im a tightass, need to go spend more cash on something now.

17-04-09, 07:00 PM
dremel is very handy tool to have however, worthwhile having one in the tool kit.

17-04-09, 07:04 PM
Anyone know of any cheap die grinders. Do GMC or similar make one ?

I believe in quality tools, but for something im probably going to use very, very rarly, I cant see the point in spend 100s if dollars

17-04-09, 07:15 PM
i got a supercheap $20 job from memory.

done about 5 manifolds/turbine housings with it and these were thick restrictive manifolds needing plenty of meat removed, even oil it every now and again.

seems fine, still like new, although the chuck part might not be as good as a expensive one, but it's the sort of thing for me, i might use once a year and forget about it.

17-04-09, 07:22 PM
Anyone know of any cheap die grinders. Do GMC or similar make one ?

I believe in quality tools, but for something im probably going to use very, very rarly, I cant see the point in spend 100s if dollars

I know of a guy who used an electric router the he "lightly" modified for the purpose. Seemed to work quite well for the job.

17-04-09, 07:22 PM
Sounding better :)

Air, or electric ?

17-04-09, 07:24 PM
You missed the bit where I said electric router?

17-04-09, 07:31 PM
You missed the bit where I said electric router?

Your missing the part where I was talking to you

17-04-09, 07:38 PM
I've used a Makita GD0600 Electric die grinder for building and porting an aluminuim inlet manifold. It had good torque when you load it up, and didn't get hot with extended use, but i did wear some welders gloves to avoud the aluminium chips and vibration. Was a lot of hours of careful work, but the results were worth the trouble, and cheaper to buy than pay someone else and I still have the grinder.

17-04-09, 08:43 PM
Aldi have air tools currently...

17-04-09, 09:59 PM
I had an electric Makita die grinder too that I used for years until the nose bearing wore out.. just go to Bunnings or whatever and check out the electric routers. They use a 1/4" collet like a die grinder, you just have to take off the guide thingy. Look for one that isn't too bulky around the business end. I bought a cheap-arse Ozito jobby and so far it's been fine.

19-04-09, 07:19 PM
i got a supercheap $20 job from memory

+ 1. got a supershit air diegrinder also. i oil mine religiously though. copped heaps of abuse so far and still looks like new. i recommend getting the grinder alone, as opposed to the kit version they also sell, as the stones are shit.

20-04-09, 01:26 AM
Small update.

Mate needed to grind something small today. Needed to enlarge a hole by about 5mm or so. Told him he could use the Dremel.

Now I see why it would be impossible to do any sort of porting work with a Dremel. It took him about an over, to grind a 5mmx 3mm section of stainless steel. It was about 1mm thick.

Fark, handy tool, but just not made for any form of metal work.

20-04-09, 11:05 AM
What 'bit' were you using to 'grind' Stainless?

20-04-09, 11:13 AM
I've cut through 14mm thick high tensile bolts with my dremel.... it destroyed about half a dozen discs on the way but it still got there!! I developed a new appreciation for the strength of those bolts that day - took about 20 minutes.

20-04-09, 11:17 AM
What 'bit' were you using to 'grind' Stainless?

A pretty rubbish one. It seems Bunnings has a shit range of Dremel pieces.

It was one in the green packet, small wheel. I dont have it with me to tell you the number,

It said it was good for everything except ferrous meterials. And yes, I know stainless is Ferrous, but hey..it kinda worked, haha.

In the end the wheel wasnt worn to much, but the heat caused the glue holding the wheel to the shaft to do fuck all. Result, wheel flying off.

20-04-09, 04:47 PM
i only just remembered, i ported a few manifolds with a die grinder type bit in the chuck of an electric drill, pressing sideways, chewed the bearings out a fair bit in the drill from side loading the bearings but worked rather well i must admit and proved how tough the 20 year old singer drill is.

that was before i got the air grinder.