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18-04-11, 08:00 AM
Meet Black Baboon! After searching and searching on a daily basis, finally found a MINT Landcruiser in BLACK!! Black is very rare as it was a custom order from Toyota. There were only 2 black ones online, this one and another that was more exp.
Got it and had to re-arrange the garage a little for it to fit (Sat in the garage while Gorilla got tuned)
It towers over the little Echo


Engine bay is clean as, no oil leaks or grease etc!!


Already equipped with Hayman Reece Tow Bar


First thing to go was the sheepskins and rear seat covers

After years of the seats been hidden away, all this dead skin was revealed !!

Rear seat covers removed


This is sticking out the back, no idea what it is



I filled up both tanks...$165. Next morning garage smelt bad of fuel...turns out the Sub Tank has a small pin hole in it and is pissing fuel out!! So I thought Id drive it hard on the sub tank, but than later learnt that you cannot use the sub tank until the main is 3/4 empty! So I thought we have to drain it...to get to the drain plug you have to remove the spare.....well it looks like its never been moved before..and the spare is seized on!!

I gotta get that fuel leak sorted..or just put it on Gas as its not cheap to run as it is. Next mods planned is Re-tint windows, and regass the aircon. Ive got some LED tail lights on the way that will go well with the black paint (i hope). Also thinking of ditching those wheels for some 16 x 8 (?) black sunnies and some 35" BF Goodrich AT's..

Its already got some sort of lift, maybe 2", but the shocks and springs are blue.

Edit: About the name. I had a Maroon Auto 80 Series before this that we nicknames baboon, due o a babons pink ass haha..

18-04-11, 08:14 AM
nice - here's my suggestions on changes which are pretty much in line with yours.

Gas conversion (sub tank goes), Spare wheel on the back, a set of factory 80's steelies with 285/75 BFG At's.

18-04-11, 01:15 PM
How come the stock 80 steelies are so popular? I hate them haha

18-04-11, 01:27 PM
hard to see in the pic - does it have helper bags in the rear, could be the inflation spot?


This is sticking out the back, no idea what it is

18-04-11, 01:37 PM
It looks like one of those bolts that you wind the spare tyre up and down with, but it's upside down.

18-04-11, 09:55 PM
Why in fuck would you buy a 4WD in black? I say this because my last one was black, and never fucking again.

18-04-11, 10:00 PM
For the most part I agree... But if you don't mind the 'used' look, I reckon a scared up black cruiser would look tough.

18-04-11, 10:34 PM
Years ago we had a black Rav4 and a black TTr, and were about to order a Tarago and a Land Cruiser both in black for the company. Thank christ we never did, the rav was a cunt of a thing to keep clean since it actually saw dirt.

18-04-11, 11:37 PM
yep, after owning a dark blue metallic 4x4, NEVAR AGEN!

19-04-11, 08:46 AM
Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here.

Blacks the best colour to show how h@rdcore you really are.

Or if you want a shiny, carpark poser 4x4 with no scratches, it will just motivate you to fit some epic bar work and armour.

19-04-11, 09:51 AM
hahah yeah! black is PIMPING!!!!

19-04-11, 01:23 PM
How come the stock 80 steelies are so popular? I hate them haha

I'll find a pic of my old rig and post it up. I like'd them because you could run 33"'s and it still looked stock.

I reckon sunny's looks shit on 80's, but thats just me.

19-04-11, 10:31 PM

Your wheels look like convo pros... FUKN SICK!

19-04-11, 11:18 PM
they do huh? they got CSA on the center cap.

How can I have "stance" like this prado?

20-04-11, 10:59 AM
K-Black...get some 6 Stud low offset high width wheels off Yahoo...they are worth about $2 over there

Can you run 15's on these things?

Im sussing out some 15x9 -40's for my hilux at the moment...shouldnt be more than a few hundred landed...15x8 sunnies are $100 each

30-04-11, 10:26 PM
Yeah been looking man, cant i just run some big ass spacers on mine?? I dont think I can run 15" as mines series 2 with bigger brakes...

Well today was meant to race at EC, but it was wet, so I went to Menai instead...with my cousin...total noob..
Soon as I got in...I saw a huuugge puddle...didnt check shit, so i was contemplating going in...my cousin said to enter it slowley, i said na man you gotta gun it through....so i did it...low and behold...no snorkel half way through car konks out!!! Im stuck in the middle.....
Open the door and the water is almost in lol...
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5184/5671803763_a9a13e685a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5671803763/)
water (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5671803763/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr
Luckily 3 mins later these group of young blokes came to the rescue..
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5023/5671798837_b64e661518.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5671798837/)
IMG_0278 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5671798837/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr
I tried starting teh car in the water, but the exhaust was under water so it sucked in a lot of water....once he pulled me out, it was a matter of trying to get it started...eventually did, very gurgly and water was coming out the exhaust like a hose!
A surf pulled me out lol
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5227/5672367556_662314c900.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672367556/)
IMG_0280 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672367556/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr
Eventually it ended up drying all out and we were back on our adventure lol...very sloshy and wet...and surprisingly with the road tyres (Dessert Duelers) it was heaps fun, but didnt get stuck...had to use low range once when i was in a ditch...
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5108/5672368496_06a3ff137a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672368496/)
IMG_0281 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672368496/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5306/5672370594_a97a293041.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672370594/)
mud (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672370594/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr
Look like this guy never made it out?? lol...when i saw this i turned back haha..it was sloshy as!
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5149/5672369438_3365e084c9.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672369438/)
IMG_0282 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28398968@N04/5672369438/) by koffeeblack (http://www.flickr.com/people/28398968@N04/), on Flickr

So...what i have learnt from today...
carry recovery gear..(I had nothing lol)
Better tyres
CB Radio

01-05-11, 08:29 PM
Lol plenty of cars like that in Menai.

Wait till you find why 80 Series Hill is called 80 Series Hill.

01-05-11, 10:13 PM
i`d have thought a good lesson for the day would be either don`t be the pioneer if you don`t have a snorkel, or, don`t go 4wd-ing on your own in wet weather

02-05-11, 07:27 AM
i`d have thought a good lesson for the day would be either don`t be the pioneer if you don`t have a snorkel, or, don`t go 4wd-ing on your own in wet weather

yeah that too, but i have a good friend that lives close by so I knew if anything he could come rescue me lol

03-05-11, 09:43 PM
Damn Shane thats awesome. I will get out to Menai with you soon.
I cant wait. 4wd is so much fun bro. I cant believe we didnt get into it earlier.

Good news on her going again!

03-05-11, 09:54 PM
haha we were too busy street racing haha

04-05-11, 07:46 AM
Streets closed pizza boy. Find another way home! lol

Okay then I will go offroad. lol

04-05-11, 05:48 PM
Looks like you had fun, going alone always ends with phone call for a recovery.

You can get a snorkle but that wont mean you wont konk out in water crossings cause you still have the leads and coils to worry about. Silicone will fix it.

04-05-11, 11:56 PM
you probably would have made it if you listened to your cousin. You are the noob.

10-05-11, 04:34 PM
Yep, im the nob, thats what I said

Gave baboon some dark tints today, added some rice lights and debadged her.

Justin Bieber
10-05-11, 10:21 PM
Nice ride for sure. Sides of that thing are going to look rather ordinary if you drive any of the sort of goat tracks we get up, scratched to buggery! Scrub bars and exo cages can only do so much unfortunately! Long as you're keen with the polish you might be able to keep it looking some what decent for years to come.

Love the 1st day out with it, sounds similar to mine. Wow look at that puddle! Let's drive through it!! Why? Coz we can!! ........ Houston we have a problem. Let me guess, you too went out and bought a heap of recovery gear the week after? Heh

11-05-11, 07:28 PM
Looks great Mr Punanny.

When are you getting some MT's for it after that outing???

13-05-11, 08:44 PM
Yep, im the nob, thats what I said

Ah missread.

Going proper 4x4 soon, but youl need proper tyres to come with.

05-09-11, 07:09 PM
Proper tyres coming soon! The Federals MT's...285's

05-09-11, 09:22 PM
Join a club, you get to go lots more places when the club is granted access to locked gate venues :p

06-09-11, 08:37 AM
Yeah, n ot sure who to join. But I want to get it ready first. Snorkel, Big tyres and recovery kit!

02-11-11, 08:03 AM
So much for selling because its so thirsty, I go and buy some big MT's lol
Just bought a set of Maxxis Bighorns 305/70/16 on black sunrasiers on Ebay. Black on Black baby!!!!

08-11-11, 04:43 PM
Just need recovery gear and maybe a snorkel? These just came in

Just gonna touch the steelies up with some rattle can black, but i hope my costco jack is enough to lift this beast? Ive never jacked up a 4wd before lol.
And DAMN...dealing with SSR, Rays , Enkei etc wheels, these weigh a TONNNEEE!! I can see my fuel economy getting better

08-11-11, 05:52 PM
Costco Jack lifts the front of the Delica fine and there not light.
Black wheels will look the shit!

Why not go straight Gas with a Gasresearch throttle body mixer?
Easy to Turbo down the track then.....

09-11-11, 01:50 PM
Cool will give it a go this weekend after i have sprayed them up.

I have no idea what Gasresearch throttle body mixer is...ill look into it

10-11-11, 01:05 PM
New badge for the back lol

10-11-11, 01:07 PM
35's or 33's?

10-11-11, 01:46 PM
33's bruv, man so big lol, i cant imagine what 37's are like! These come up to my waist lol

10-11-11, 02:08 PM
I'd say it would be about 4 inches bigger Shane.

10-11-11, 05:42 PM
Good point lad! hahaha

I couldn't wait to mount them, so just finished. What a workout man. 6 Studs, 40kg wheel/tyres lol

10-11-11, 06:37 PM
Looks awesome.

That's why I hated servicing 4wd. Heavy fkn wheels.

10-11-11, 07:11 PM
Yeah my arms are killing me now lol.

That bull bar is an eyesore..I hate it!

11-11-11, 07:40 AM
Paint it Black Blacky

11-11-11, 08:40 AM
Hand tools? :rotflol: sucka, I learnt that lesson pretty quickly when I started working on mine.

Buying tyres again I'd probably go the BigHornys just because they look so tuff (get a posca and add a Y to the end :P) MyYoko Geolander AT/S are holding up well after 12
months though.

Definately go for a snorkel and recovery gear next. I use the gloves every time I fill up but my strap is still virginal. Whiz bang fancy pants compressor hasn't even been used for 4wd stuff either lol.

14-11-11, 10:55 AM
Fcuk! Someone just called to look at teh landcruiser :( :(

I dont really want to sell it, but It would clear some debt. Fark.

14-11-11, 04:02 PM
The guy came, saw and liked, but I couldnt do it!

16-11-11, 09:10 PM
I'm planning on spending $0 on mine aside from servicing and fuel, so any good stuff you have off yours that you don't want anymore I'm happy to take off your hands :)

Last time I bought a 4WD as a tow car, it ended up lifted on muddies etc.... oops!

17-11-11, 06:50 AM
I just sold my wheels and t yres for bascially what i bought my muddies for on ebay! Sweeet!! Major plan, is to fix AC, and put her on GAS.

18-11-11, 08:13 AM
Be keen to see what kinda economy you get with a newer system on yours. Mine has been on gas since new, but the front half of the system was updated a couple of years back. Still an older style diaphragm setup though.

AC is icy cool in mine :) HTH

I just sold my wheels and t yres for bascially what i bought my muddies for on ebay! Sweeet!! Major plan, is to fix AC, and put her on GAS.

18-11-11, 12:27 PM
sweet, cant wait till the ac is done and teh gas conv is done.

I took the bullbar off, added different rims, and polish teh paint up a bit

18-11-11, 05:05 PM
Here ya go rice boy


18-11-11, 05:38 PM
not worth it's own thread, so I'll whore yours

19-11-11, 02:05 PM
haha I hate those headlights. That looks sweet. Hood needs some colouring in

19-11-11, 09:20 PM
Hood needs some colouring in


22-11-11, 02:12 PM
Couple of pics I just took

Mike Lowrrryyy
22-11-11, 05:41 PM
Looks good dude.

22-11-11, 07:04 PM
The front bar and side steps need to black ASAP. Otherwise it looks good.

22-11-11, 07:25 PM
I think we have the only 80s in the universe with non buckled factory side steps. They don't like being taken offroad :P

03-12-11, 09:00 PM
Just got back from Menai. Tyres mad a huge difference! Didnt need low range once. Went in that same water hole I did the first time I got stuck. Went in slowley without dramas.

12-12-11, 05:00 PM
sweet, cant wait till the ac is done and teh gas conv is done.

I took the bullbar off, added different rims, and polish teh paint up a bit

They do look alot better without a bullbar eh. Might knock up a tube one for mine next year, ditch the TJM one. Only gay thing is the factory a/c receiver dryer hangs so low on them... lame

T T Celica
13-12-11, 03:54 PM
Aftermarket A/C dryer is shorter , by a fair bit. Noticed this after i got aircon serviced last year, new dryer sits well above the bottom line of the bullbar. i was always consious about the fuckin thing whenever i was nosing into rocks, stumps, mud holes, hoping to fuck i wouldnt rip it off!!

20-12-11, 05:01 PM
According to this thread on ih8mud:
Replacing this part:
"Seal Main Shaft" 45292-35050
can reduce heat coming into the cabon (Hot feet!!), and reduce road noise and aswell as tighten the steering a bit!

Mine looks a little worn!

07-01-12, 11:16 PM
Took baboon to Menai today, got her reaaall dirty! Was awesome.

I learnt its a good idea to high pressure hose under neath as much as you can, so straight to car wash

Quick Vid, I thought I killed it at the 1:50 stage lol

08-01-12, 04:12 PM
Get a snorkel if you're gonna keep hitting the mud-bogs. Have you tried the "Gate 8" part of Menai yet? Time for some proper low-range stuff.

30-01-12, 05:44 PM
Nice vid! What camera did u use?

18-02-12, 08:29 PM
hehe, there's more to 4WDing than driving through puddles :P

10-03-12, 07:44 PM
Yeah I know, im yet to discover what this beast can really do!!! Conquest, I used a Gopro.

Did a 300,000kms service on her 2 weeks back, New oil/filters, plugs etc. I also fixed the noosy AC Compressor, new clutch and bearings and its all good. Starting using VPower/High OCtane and it goes so much better!

Drove to Melb last weekend towing the Gorilla to race at Calder Park. Aircon on all the way there and back, returned 22L/100km...I thought that was pretty reasonable!. Towed it really great, not a drama at all. I love this thing!

10-03-12, 08:31 PM
So 500 litres? $700+? That sounds like a fucking expensive hobby!

12-03-12, 02:37 PM
Drove to Melb last weekend towing the Gorilla to race at Calder Park. Aircon on all the way there and back, returned 22L/100km...I thought that was pretty reasonable!.

The Amarok gets around 10L/100 towing. About 1900kg combined weight of trailer and car. 22L/100 seems excessive?

12-03-12, 03:27 PM
Amarok = TDi current technology
80 Series = Petrol old tech

22L/100 is what some people get from them towing small caravans and box trailers - they suck the fuel big time....

12-03-12, 03:37 PM
ouch, i never realised they were so thirsty!

12-03-12, 03:44 PM
22 l/100 is about what I get out of my Rangie when I am not towing!

12-03-12, 04:07 PM
Yeah, They are thirsty fuckers.

If you want to send someone broke, given the a Horse, or an 80 series 4.5L Landcruiser.. or BOTH !!!

12-03-12, 06:53 PM
So 500 litres? $700+? That sounds like a fucking expensive hobby!
Don't be hatin cause he is a better dealer than you are.

19-03-12, 10:42 AM
Its only money lads!

Took Baboon to Menai again Sat night. Boy did she Get a workout! Went with an old friend of mine with a very rough lifted Bundera (SWB Cruiser). Baboon went everywhere he went and further! Even did some rock climbing!! 2nd gear in low range is awesome! It just crawls!!!!

21-03-12, 11:09 AM
Thinking about selling for a Sahara Turbo Diesel...but is 25-30k worth it for a Sahara with 280k kms on the clock? They were 110k new...soo....

23-03-12, 03:15 PM
The only benefits to a Sahara is twin factory electric diff locks and a neat little fridge in the console.

A GXL with a 1HD-T will "git 'er done" just as well. But shop around and be patient, don't pay rediculous $20k+ prices for one.

23-03-12, 07:05 PM
your car is awsome already. so do a diesel conversion on it.

once you sell off your existing running gear and shit it shouldnt be overly expensive.

even better... duramax conversion :D

24-03-12, 02:04 PM
Oh it is a late model 80, so the Multivalve (1HDFTE). Yeah< its true Moparman! Everytime I look at mine, i just love it haha...Its in top nick too..Hmm Duramax!!

04-05-12, 11:26 PM
Baboon gets some new rims lol...Not much different to the old ones, just newer and less offset. 16 x 8 -13 (Was supposed to be -23 grrr).

Heaviest and Cheapest new rims I have ever owned at $90 each lol. I dont know exactly how heavy, but I lifted one up like Id lift a 20kg plate up at the gym, and this is easily heavier!

I got new tyres too, but yet to pick them up from my partners place, Federal MT's 33"
I also just got these form the "Gas Strut" guy off Ebay. Awesome service. I was browsing Ebay on my iPhone at 1am, and saw it. Bought it. A day later they were already at my office!

During the footy half time, I went and installed them. 15 Minutes it took! Perfect fitment! A+++ Will buy from again!
Before :(

Now, what to do with this

04-05-12, 11:35 PM
Normally I dont like pinstriping on wheels/tyres, but that looks pretty good, will be interesting to see how it looks mounted up.

05-05-12, 06:27 PM
Can't get sunnies without them anymore :(

ROH Blacktraks have yellow and a yellow sticker on one of the spokes, hated it initially but kind of grown on me now....

05-05-12, 10:28 PM
I honestly didnt know it would even have the red lip :(. I rather all black...
A BIG thanks to Federal Tyres for supplying our Rubber for WTAC this year, and also a shot of new Mud Tyres for the tow/daily car
Federal 595-RS in 265/35/18 and 285/30/18
And 33" MT Couragia
These Mud Tyres should last about 100k kms! over 15mm of tread!!

And the 595-RS come out with approx 6.3mm for future ref

06-05-12, 09:02 AM
with your gas conversion, pretty much every one of these i've seen on gas has had valve seat recession problems. the cost of gas conversion then replacing the valve seats would buy an awful lot of petrol. also, a tune with an interceptor to lean out the mixtures and/or new oxygen sensors will work wonders.

06-05-12, 12:10 PM
What size did you go for with the Muddies, I can't read the sticker properly, but are they 285/75R16's ??
How much were they if you don't mind me asking...

06-05-12, 05:32 PM
with your gas conversion, pretty much every one of these i've seen on gas has had valve seat recession problems. the cost of gas conversion then replacing the valve seats would buy an awful lot of petrol. also, a tune with an interceptor to lean out the mixtures and/or new oxygen sensors will work wonders.

Yeah?? Ive thought the same thing, so I have decided not to go Gas anymore. But The Tune thing sounds good. Interceptor? Like a Air/Fuel controller?

Southo, because we are a Federal dealer, and getting sponsorship for the track car, I cant really disclose how much I paid, but we sell them for $1100 the set. Yep, 285/75/16. Replacing the Bighorns which are 306/70/16, but both are classified as 33".

06-05-12, 05:34 PM
Went a bit crazy on camping gear today for a trip next week to Lithgow.
4P Tent (Coleman Instant setup thing)
Queen Blowup Mattress
Air Pump
20L Water Tank thing for drinking
-5deg Sleeping bag

06-05-12, 05:59 PM
Yeah?? Ive thought the same thing, so I have decided not to go Gas anymore. But The Tune thing sounds good. Interceptor? Like a Air/Fuel controller?

yeah, i've seen good success with unichips on these.

07-05-12, 02:04 PM
Paint the lip on the new rims black. Every unpainted set ive seen looks like balls.

07-05-12, 02:30 PM
rims definitiely need to be all black

or get them polished and clear coat them

that would look nice on the black car

07-05-12, 07:00 PM
Shane, you're crazy not putting gas on it. You'll half your fuel bills and considering I get about 400km out of my old gas system, you'll do better from a newer one.

Gas Man @ Seven Hills... just sayin'

07-05-12, 07:04 PM
Shane, you're crazy not putting gas on it. You'll half your fuel bills and considering I get about 400km out of my old gas system, you'll do better from a newer one.

Gas Man @ Seven Hills... just sayin'

Last time I ran the numbers for installing a gas system in an 80 series the payoff kms was extremely close to the amount of kms it would have before it needed head work.

If you bought one with the work already done I could see the positive, otherwise nah.

07-05-12, 10:35 PM
Last time I ran the numbers for installing a gas system in an 80 series the payoff kms was extremely close to the amount of kms it would have before it needed head work.

If you bought one with the work already done I could see the positive, otherwise nah.

quoted for troof.

08-05-12, 07:00 PM
PF gurus to the rescue :P

Having said that, mine came with LPG and the head was already done. Runs Flashlube too.

I do know a guy wrecking a 98 who has a gas system if you wanna pull a dodgy home install :P

08-05-12, 09:30 PM
Bit of advice from when I had my 1FZ 80. At the very back of the inlet manifold there is a coolant pipe.

This little fucker:

Mine split. Turns out the 1FZ says everything is fine right up until the head cracks, fills number 1 with coolant and hydraulic locks at 100km/h.

You end up with soup oil.


Change that little bastard.

09-05-12, 07:58 AM
wow, thanks for that tip dude, will check it tonight!!!

Boxer, is it a manual???

Does your gas tank get in the way when offroading?

09-05-12, 08:16 AM
Yeah turns out when it locks at those kind of speeds you get 4 wheel lock up and a cracked block. Then you have to deal with the razor sharp spines that toyota straps to their engine looms.

09-05-12, 11:47 AM
Does your gas tank get in the way when offroading?

LOL, we have been asking him to come 4WDing in it for ages... he's gone soft since he sold the Disco - :p

11-05-12, 10:10 AM
Yeah he said teh same thing to me!! haha. We are heading to lithgow tomorrow if anyones keen.

Well this is farked...fitted my new rims/tyres yesterday and they sit inside the guards :(. Looked ALOT tuffer before, but these Federals are very quiet for a MT!!!! Night and Day compared to the Bighorns!!

11-05-12, 11:56 AM
Love to come out, but we had to cancel our Watagans trip this weekend as we just got our dog back from the vet and will have to look after her for the next week or so and can't leave her alone for too long..

Have fun...

11-05-12, 07:55 PM
Ah ok thanks mate.

Fitted a Waeco cooler just then. $89 on Ebay, cant really go wrong..

Just not really secure, only using double sided velcro tape. Dont know what else to do. Thinking MDF on the original mounts, then little L brackets to hold the Waeco in place?

And the new Gay offset rim s:(

Mike Lowrrryyy
12-05-12, 08:43 PM
Worth some bolt on wheel spacers?

12-05-12, 08:56 PM
Those little waeco coolers are great, saves pulling over to grab a beer out of the fridge.

12-05-12, 09:22 PM
what's with the cash on the seat ??

13-05-12, 11:52 AM
lol, I noticed the cheddar too

out gettin' mah moneys bitch

13-05-12, 11:54 AM
Waeco coolers at so hit and miss... Go buy a couple of spare thermistors for it..

13-05-12, 03:45 PM
Take em back, you ordered -22, fuck those dodgey cunts trying to use you to move old stock. :ugh2:

-22 is called Cruiser offset for a reason...

13-05-12, 08:06 PM
lol thats how i roll..baller $250 sittin on the front seat!

Hey guys,

Yesterday did a trip to Lithgow and hit the Wombats. Going down, I had no dramas, till I got to this angle and the engine just stalled. Moments before I had just put it in Low Range...

The car would not start up again on this angle. When I got towed out to flat ground, the car started but was idling very low, asif there was water in the plugs. Soon as I started to drive off, revs went up to about 1400rpm, and then back to normal. It remained fine for the rest of the trip and back home.

Does anyone know what could have happened?


Other than this, ol baboon served me well once again!

13-05-12, 08:09 PM
Worth some bolt on wheel spacers?

I was actually researching them, but Dont really feel safe. They are not legal right?? What about Hub Centric ones??

13-05-12, 11:38 PM
Still illegal.

No way I would be putting spacers on a car you're use to do that ^ unless you want to get stuck in the bush :lol:

16-05-12, 08:45 PM
Fishing rod holder isn't legal either.

16-05-12, 09:06 PM
Isnt it? Had no idea..

I found out the issue


Replaced it tonight! Feels like I added a Turbo!

19-05-12, 08:45 AM
ha ha, good find got all your powers back!
The tyre noise will increase with wear, they look tough as.

21-05-12, 02:30 PM
Yeah, they probably will :(.

Im thinking about biting the bullet and putting in the 1HDFTE from 100 series in. A guy on the Landcruiser forum does these conversions but is based in QLD. All up, might cost me about 15k. Not sure if its worth it, but seems to be a popular thing these days.

21-05-12, 04:20 PM
Those 1HD's are good things. Can make 180+kw with exhaust and chip and great economy. It's a real shame they never came as a live axle.

21-05-12, 04:22 PM
wouldnt a 6.5L duramax be a better option for 15K?

21-05-12, 04:36 PM
Duramax is a 25k Job...and I like to keep it all in the family lad...I think resale will be better too....

nine2nine, whats funny is i have seen them coverted to Patrols!

21-05-12, 04:39 PM
15k buys a lot of fuel imo

21-05-12, 04:49 PM
nine2nine, whats funny is i have seen them coverted to Patrols!

Yeah, i would consider one if i was silly enough to buy a 3L. Nearly convinced my neighbor to put one in his GU.

21-05-12, 05:45 PM
15k buys a lot of fuel imo


21-05-12, 06:30 PM
lol thats how i roll..baller $250 sittin on the front seat!

Hey guys,

Yesterday did a trip to Lithgow and hit the Wombats. Going down, I had no dramas, till I got to this angle and the engine just stalled. Moments before I had just put it in Low Range...

The car would not start up again on this angle. When I got towed out to flat ground, the car started but was idling very low, asif there was water in the plugs. Soon as I started to drive off, revs went up to about 1400rpm, and then back to normal. It remained fine for the rest of the trip and back home.

Does anyone know what could have happened?

Other than this, ol baboon served me well once again!

Have seen something similar in an diesel 80 except going up hill (running on the sub tank), not enough fuel in the tank for the angle he was on.... I've been told the pickup for the main tank (diesel would probably use the same tank) in at the rear and so runs out of fuel going down hill...


21-05-12, 09:28 PM
15k buys a lot of fuel imo

Its not just the fuel savings Im after, Im after the towing power

21-05-12, 10:41 PM
Yeah, they probably will :(.

Im thinking about biting the bullet and putting in the 1HDFTE from 100 series in. A guy on the Landcruiser forum does these conversions but is based in QLD. All up, might cost me about 15k. Not sure if its worth it, but seems to be a popular thing these days.

Who is the bloke or his company name? Ive been thinking of the same for my 100 series.
Jason at Total Care 4wd in Seven Hills does them and is highly regarded in doing the job although all up you'd be looking at $25k (figure I was given on my 100 series)

21-05-12, 10:59 PM
his username is thrashlux, i been speaking with him today and he will do it for 3.5k dirve in drive out basically. You need to supply all the parts. His quite reputable on the cruiser forums. He has done alot of conversions.

Ive read that Total Care have done many too but had no idea how much..25k..way over budget

22-05-12, 08:02 AM
turbo the 1fz ? they seem to love it.

22-05-12, 05:27 PM
his username is thrashlux, i been speaking with him today and he will do it for 3.5k dirve in drive out basically. You need to supply all the parts. His quite reputable on the cruiser forums. He has done alot of conversions.

Ah yep heard of the username. I think he does the looms for the 1hd-fte conversion too and is highly regarded in that.
Might need to make some enquries with him and wait till a wreck comes up, which will be the easiest, and put the 5 speed auto in it, or convert it to manual.

$3.5k plus parts, Im interested :)

22-05-12, 06:58 PM
me too, now all I have to do is pinch a 100 series with a 1HDFTE and work out how to get it all into a 40 series :)

01-04-13, 05:40 PM
Worth some bolt on wheel spacers?

Its been a while since ive updated this, but yep, eventually got some 1.5" spacers and some other updates
Replaced rocker cover gasket, spark plug seals, and the hoses

Also, got new driver side weather strip. The window would rattle if it wasnt either closed or open all the way

Fitted new front Toyota Brake pads, and The Spacers.


Bought some Powerful 4x4 Steel side steps as the original were a little bent.... Pretty straight forward to fit.


Got some "JDM" wheels i will Spray black (they are Bradley Racing)
Also see how some of the faux nuts are missing, where can I get replacement?

Fitted some Hurricane headers today

Also, got a UHF and fitted a Snorkel

And finally, today took the dog and Mrs to Boar Harbour Kurnell..

Currently looking for ARB Delux bar to match the all black theme

Mike Lowrrryyy
02-04-13, 08:56 PM
Looks good mate.

I'm DJ!
02-04-13, 09:16 PM
Nice. Extractors do much ?

02-04-13, 09:23 PM
Cheers lads! yea Headers def give it a bit more down low.

Also, just had a bidding war on an ARB Delux Bull Bar! These things RRP new for like $1200, got it used for $615

02-04-13, 09:31 PM
Planning to do this mod to it, add dome DRL to it

Or, is that a bit wanky?

03-04-13, 01:01 PM

if you want to stand out more, turn your headlights on....
Aftermarket DRLs are ghey !!

I'm DJ!
03-04-13, 01:42 PM
^ yep - get an LED lightbar, that'll do it, I reckon they look alright even turned off

03-04-13, 08:29 PM
Lol @ the hybrid badge!

03-04-13, 09:54 PM
Just picked up an ARB bar...god damn its heavy...and it came complimentary with 2 MASSIVE redback spiders (Biggest I ever seen)
The back looks like its been cut...I didnt see this when I picked it up and the EBAY add didnt show the back...I hope it still fits!

Can anyone shed any light?

04-04-13, 05:17 AM
Looks like you'll have to nigger rig it! Lol

04-04-13, 01:16 PM
farout man, what a waste of $$$.....

04-04-13, 01:29 PM
Can anyone shed any light?

Just smile mate.

04-04-13, 01:47 PM

04-04-13, 01:49 PM
fuck... no need for high beams..

04-04-13, 03:04 PM
Neg rep the cunt at a minimum, but it should still be salvagable. Grab a heap of 3mm plate and start fabricating. actually nows a perfect time to give her a body lift :)

04-04-13, 04:19 PM
Google images to see how much extra fabrication will be needed - if too much - fuck it off and keep looking for a better one..
Flog it off back on ebay and cut your losses.

If you picked it up personally and didn't pick up on any damage/modification at the time (or the seller said it would still fit when it clearly won't) then I can't see any dispute ruling in your favour unfortunately

Decent ARB Bars come up LOTS more for 80 series than 70 series which I am looking for...

04-04-13, 06:07 PM
here is an original one


Yeah my fault for not picking up the shit myself!

I got a mate that owns a steel companythat said can fix it

04-04-13, 06:20 PM
there will be some time in setting it up and drawing what you need up. actually fabbing it will take fuck all time.

04-04-13, 06:24 PM
The mount normally will be a a piece of cold rolled C channel with a vertical flat plate to box it, should be pretty easy to get it bent up by anyone with a suitable brake press and then just do a cardboard template to match the profile to the back of the bullbar.

I've got a mate with an ARB deluxe bar on an 80 series (or there's my arb deluxe bar on a BJ74) who I will probably see over the weekend. I can grab some pics then if you'd like?

04-04-13, 06:31 PM
Thanks Hotgemini, but ive found a cool site with some detailed pics.

06-04-13, 04:12 PM
I reckon this bar would suit this thing:

06-04-13, 07:30 PM
thats nice, what is it??

07-04-13, 12:24 AM
From these guys:http://www.vpr4x4.com.au/
Looking at that photo I'm guessing it's actually a yank product, US spec Cruiser.

14-04-13, 09:46 PM
From the site, looks like they are in Gosford!
In other news, just won these MT's on Yahoo Japan. 16 x 9 -50!

14-04-13, 10:03 PM
Gonna hangout a bit! Lol...better get a roll of garden edging

14-04-13, 10:46 PM
Stance bro!

16-04-13, 03:01 AM
-50 holy shieeet :eek:

What style flares?



or these? :dunno:


16-04-13, 06:33 AM
Lol na atm im running 16 x 8 -53

06-07-13, 06:39 PM
Finally got the Mongrel ARB from a friend, who just made up some mounts. He advises that he wouldnt use a winch on it, or snatch from it.
Used his awning to get some straps to hold it in place
Finish product, its not 100% as the bar is alittle bent on one side...I really got shafted with this bar...

07-07-13, 02:07 PM
Looking at those photos with it fitted, it also looks like a narrow model made for 80 Series without factory fitted flares.

07-07-13, 10:00 PM
ahhh, so there is a difference??? Thought so!!

30-07-13, 09:24 PM
Some goodies came in yesterday!

So much lighter than the steelies

JDM Wing

Mike Lowrrryyy
03-08-13, 11:54 AM
Those wheels should look great on this thing.

I'm DJ!
03-08-13, 12:25 PM
Pics of volks in background...

04-08-13, 05:57 PM
Yeah I cant wait to mount some 35's on the Rims!!

DJ, They are my street rims lol

Gave her a quick wash just then, and "forgot" to do the wheels/tyres lol
Here are some pics showing the ARB and the Wing mounted

Also, with the sliders on, can get slippery when wet, so put some of that grip tape on.

Only problem is when I get out of the car, I bypass the step usually brushing it, and now I have "sandpapered" my leg lol!

04-08-13, 10:05 PM
Where can I get some of those wheels??

What are you doing with your old sunnies? Are they 16"?

04-08-13, 10:23 PM
Yeah they are 16 x 8 with 33" Federal Muds which Im gonna sell as a package $1200. Tyres have at least 80% all round.

The wheels are Mickey Thomspson.

05-08-13, 07:57 AM
What's the tread wear like in them?

05-08-13, 08:17 AM
very even, b een to lithgow once on them, the rest is just daily driving to the ol station 15 mins away lol

20-08-13, 02:15 PM
I just installed a HID Kit. 4300k and 70W
Here is the kit

I'm DJ!
20-08-13, 04:30 PM
Nice mate.

20-08-13, 09:25 PM
Yuck way to do it :p but they definitely need something

22-08-13, 04:31 PM
OK, got some Tyres/wheels!

So a guy on the 80series forum asked for a swap for my tyres as he does more touring and wanted to drop down in size. So we agreed to swap, best part is his are BFG KM2, We even swapped the spares!
Was hard to find a place to balance these up but Jax tyres in Smithfield did it!

22-08-13, 05:20 PM
wheels look sick dude

23-08-13, 11:18 AM
Yeah the MT wheels look awesome! Can you get me some??? :D

What is the offset on them?

23-08-13, 04:43 PM
Yeah about $1100 for the rims

16 x 9 -50 :D

23-08-13, 06:04 PM
Damn that's tempting!

26-08-13, 09:45 PM
hehe yeah man, they are alot lighter than steelies, dont think Id ever go back to steelies now!

27-08-13, 09:52 AM
Looks awesome at that height and with those size wheels

31-08-13, 08:42 AM
They're the proper forged Alcoa ones aren't they?

12-09-13, 07:31 PM
Yep, probably not the best for rock crawling but mines 90% on road...yes 35s muds are excessive for road use but I'm a ricer lol

12-09-13, 08:26 PM
Alcoas were the preferred option on the rocks in the US for years, hell they were preferred for EVERYTHING in the US for years!

I'm DJ!
12-09-13, 09:22 PM
Do 2uzeds fit these things?

12-09-13, 10:12 PM
Duramax a much better choice

14-09-13, 06:59 PM
Alcoa! I never knew they existed but have always wanted them!!!

14-09-13, 08:48 PM
They weigh the same as say a 17" TE37!

Ultimatley, Id love to do a 1HDFTE conversion one day.

14-09-13, 08:49 PM
Just buy my 1hz bus ;)

14-09-13, 09:03 PM
lol, are you selling it already?

14-09-13, 10:56 PM
Everything's for sale at the right price ;)

02-01-14, 09:04 PM
Some updates on my 80. Love this thing. I have 4 cars at home, a GS430, a Soarer and an Echo, and everyday I pick the keys up to drive this, its drinks the most fuel, but there is something about it.
Got this one from Catch of the Day. $55!

Full 1080 HD, Motion Detection Dash Cam.

No idea if its any good, i just saw it and bought it....forgot to get a memory card for it tho..

Felt the rear view mirror was too small, so got one of these!


New Convex

Also got a new UHF Aerial in Black
My Winch came today! I have never had or used a winch, so I have no idea how it installs or how to even use it lol...some reading is on the cards!http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3713/11706755963_c7d6abe2e4_b.jpg

vet 180
12-01-14, 03:28 PM
Car looks tops now! Wheels are perfect. Not a huge fan of the front bar, but as you said, you got shafted a little. What to do.

1fz's love a bit of FI. Turbo+gas>1hz.

21-03-14, 10:34 PM
Thanks mate, but I finally found an immaculate ARB Bar, paid a fair bit for it, but now its perfect. Unfortunately fitting the winch required some 15mm spacers which I didn't have so I haven't put that on yet

15-04-14, 10:34 PM
Ok, Plasti Dip done! How awesome is it!!!

Hard to tell with my ARB bar
This little shed is next to out storage place, awesome old Fords out the front, perfect opportunity to take a pic

28-04-14, 08:44 PM
Looks fuckin tough! Width of those tyres is just about perfect. You should plasti dip those rims as well....

28-04-14, 08:54 PM
Black surrounds look awesome! Do like!

28-04-14, 08:56 PM
Yeah, Plasti Dip is great stuff..

just finished doing the Pajero Alloys - came up a treat.. So good that the no-pics wants me to do the whole car now - LOL

15-05-14, 01:11 PM
Yeah, Plasti Dip is great stuff..

just finished doing the Pajero Alloys - came up a treat.. So good that the no-pics wants me to do the whole car now - LOL

haahah, I might do the rims, how many cans it take?? Any prep other then making sure its clean???

Took some day time pics, on closer inspection I did a pretty crap job lol

Ive also bougth a 24" Spot/Flood LED Bar! Im yet to hook it up tho

Its like incest in my eyes.....Nissan parts on a Toyota???

Can anyone guess what these are from?

15-05-14, 01:57 PM

Can you get pics of light spread when you hook the bar up please. I need new spots, considering LED but haven't been convinced yet.

15-05-14, 02:23 PM

Can you get pics of light spread when you hook the bar up please. I need new spots, considering LED but haven't been convinced yet.

LED's don't have the distance of a true spot light. Spread beam wise they should be fine.

15-05-14, 02:37 PM
I know. I don't need to see 17 kays down the road though, so an LED spot might do the trick. I have spread beams well and truly covered already. Thanks though :)

15-05-14, 06:29 PM
I used 4 cans of plastidip for 5 18x8 rims. - $30 a can from Autobarn or $55 + postage on ebay...

4-5 coats on the front faces and 2-3 coats on the inside rim area in the opening of the spokes

I degreased the wheels with supercheap degreaser, rinsed then washed them with a standard car wash and wheel brush, rinsed then dried thoroughly.

15-05-14, 06:41 PM
I bought some Plastidip off eBay recently $15 a can pickup in Melb. Used two and a half cans for wheels, grill and driving light eyelids.




19-05-14, 05:08 PM
Cedric lights were total fail. I think it wont work on Series 2.

The car they came off in Japan

My effort

FINALLY Installed my winch yesterday, but I need to wire it up, and also im not happy with the bolts supplied by ARB spacer kit. It seems to be too long, and I need to use washers.

19-05-14, 05:39 PM
Yeh you need to change the grille, and the indicators to the older version I think... the one that says Toyota

19-05-14, 06:56 PM
What I like most about this vehicle is that your air freshener is called "Black Ice" lmao

19-05-14, 07:29 PM
Yeah thats right South.

hahaha, yeah Im always getting black Ice

https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1.0-9/10385417_10152263764972779_4668051551195391626_n.j pg

24-05-14, 09:43 PM
This morning, fitted a Tough Dog SV500 Steering Damper...whoa, wish I did this ages ago! Car feels ammazing.

Headed to Lithgow today with a few friends! I need lockers lol. Also took a little chunk out of my wheel and hit the rear quarter panel :(
https://scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1.0-9/10375991_10152276095792779_7885970092164319098_n.j pg
Friends Rok, 6" Lift, actually goes alright!
https://scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/t1.0-9/10372241_10152276097127779_1192137527853307062_n.j pg
Little Suzuki did ok, but needs got stuck alot with wheels in the air etc
https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t1.0-9/10173738_10152276097477779_907197247259457290_n.jp g
https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1.0-9/10417606_10152276097997779_7217095232168341569_n.j pg
Friends Pajero walks everything! What a beast, good driver too. Locked up front
https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1.0-9/10383645_10152276099052779_3004049050167533954_n.j pg
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1.0-9/10392367_10152276099777779_9136822932223219177_n.j pg
https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/v/t1.0-9/10389976_10152276099852779_6683812548617871549_n.j pg?oh=e9844cc2f1a171150b72381afbe1c4e3&oe=5408DD0A&__gda__=1407561353_70319323f8062235ffcacfa67dfc6ae d
And this looks like where I hit the rear, you can see the dirt flying off
https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1.0-9/10172808_10152276099987779_8143452987844720117_n.j pg
Friends Wrangler, very cool! And 1HZ Turbo 6" Lifted 80
https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1.0-9/10301510_10152276100387779_1252539012168392168_n.j pg

24-05-14, 10:19 PM
Nice pics! Did you get to try out your winch?

24-05-14, 10:35 PM
Na I didn't, was going to on the Amarok, but ended up just strapping it to a car.

25-05-14, 10:46 AM
80 is looking great Shane :D

29-05-14, 04:53 PM
Cheers! Got an exhaust leak fixed yesterday, feels like a new car!!

11-08-14, 04:55 PM
Hit the ol Baal Bone Gap yesterday. Not an overly extreme track, but still great drive and great views.
https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/t31.0-8/10463611_10152393199433842_5154587683006720017_o.j pg
Gotta get that TINEA fixed, next week it goes in for a respray
https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t1.0-9/10577013_10152437316117779_1503143641772437089_n.j pg
Quick Video, VDJ79r sounds aweesome, straight pipe! Little bog hole I attempted..everyone else chickened out.

Great views
https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t1.0-9/10599176_10152437317092779_3228008732354366866_n.j pg

Little Jimny did alright...until he put it on its side
https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/t31.0-8/1655097_10152393212983842_5083424324443127585_o.jp g
https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t31.0-8/10497835_10152201135265685_5969724790219130984_o.j pg

15-08-14, 02:29 PM
I've got a pic in almost the same spot!


Did you guys have much trouble at the ledge? The red 80 in the pic needed a helping hand from a winch without the rear locker working. It was fairly chewed though. My Nav got up it fine with a wheel in the air so he was given a lot of shit lol

That big puddle/lake in the Lithgow pics, mate broke his wrist coming off his bike there. Hit the water at a billion miles an hour to skim over. Made it but landed mostly on his face, was quite funny. Think I have the video somewhere.

18-08-14, 12:02 PM
haha awesome, na none at all, 80 just cruised down, probably cokced a rear back wheel. LOL Video of your mate might be good!!

Spent yesterday stripping some bits off Baboon, in ready for a respray...
As you can see by this pic, Roof and bonnet is very bad.
https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfp1/t31.0-8/10499481_10152451604667779_8732173105369460561_o.j pg
https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10481686_10152451604742779_4334140773033255648_n.j pg?oh=ab7b3765f5d40fb97618c8110bb0b9cc&oe=547B14B6&__gda__=1417220256_876093606c48e1699153d7d3164c321 5
Took the guard off to take Snorkel off, easiest way!
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/10527448_10152451604807779_7418844342818434441_n.j pg?oh=fcbb3af53b52ce9c17dc98c6519b019f&oe=547A459E&__gda__=1416363562_098e59b4079d657ba4ea5df42e14d7a 6

18-08-14, 09:39 PM
Did all your plastic captive nuts break when removing the guard?

23-08-14, 09:49 PM
Nope, one bolt snapped that was rusted tho.
Picked up Baboon last night, took a few hours to put it all back together. Im a happy chappy!!
https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t31.0-8/10608520_10152461410592779_8585584834676640034_o.j pg

24-08-14, 06:13 PM
Dat shiny bonnet!! Day time pic
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v472/koffee-black/koffee-black017/10616096_10152464628757779_8909746721408044913_n_z ps38a81c1a.jpg

Chase Rockwell
24-08-14, 07:14 PM
Looks great man.

24-08-14, 08:28 PM
Good looking nugget!

25-08-14, 08:21 AM
looks tough as bro

powdercoat or paint the wheels black I reckon

25-08-14, 10:21 AM
Got any blacker?


25-08-14, 04:18 PM
Yeah< i think I will do the wheels black!!

01-09-14, 03:43 PM
I notice alot of free play in the wheel, and the steering wheel off center

Driving her yesterday I noticed when i change gear it pulls pretty hard to the left...then I realised up that it was when I let off the accelerator is when it drives to the left...

Front left tyre on the inside looks like it has some oil on it too...

Well think I found my problem!
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v472/koffee-black/koffee-black015/1908074_10152481008387779_2364622264658424876_n_zp s10da64bc.jpg

Some guys on FB suggested to tighten the 4 17mm bolts (That hold the actual pork knuckle)... 2 were loose..one tightend up...the other..well fell out.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v472/koffee-black/koffee-black015/10615349_10152481591722779_1001451612549746637_n_z psb9a86112.jpg

02-09-14, 02:25 PM
That looks kinda broken ;) How hard is it to get the rest of it out?

02-09-14, 02:31 PM
Lol a mates 80 had the exact same problem, lost 3 bolts about 100kays in the sticks. 1 got it home slowly.

02-09-14, 03:08 PM
Axle seal is fubar, that is what all the mess is from, bolts are just allowing it to seep the soup out even more so.
Wheel bearings probably also need looking at.

02-09-14, 08:52 PM
FAR Option pack..

Factory Anti-Rust !!


03-09-14, 11:03 PM
FAR Option pack..

Factory Anti-Rust !!


Landrover Non optional feature ... bout time other companies pick it up !

07-09-14, 10:47 AM
Landrover Non optional feature ... bout time other companies pick it up !
Mercedes does it better.

17-09-14, 08:35 PM
Poor Baboon has been sitting on the road unloved the past two weeks. Managed to collect all the parts needed to do the front and rear hub seal.
Here is the rear kit, genuine Toyota
The front kit, which is Koyo (Alot cheaper, just as good!)
Also got the gearboot!
Must have been sitting around for a bit, as there are some blemishes

18-09-14, 07:06 PM
Check the brass bushes in the spindle, if they are worn the cv wont be centered, it will wear out the axle seal and you will be doing it all again.

18-09-14, 07:14 PM
I put a koyo kit in my old patrol.. Seals and bearings were a good thing. Painful job it also was... grrr

19-09-14, 10:39 AM
Yeah, Im leaving it for a Pro to do, dont have the tools.

New decals arrived for teh rear:

19-09-14, 08:26 PM
You only need one tool that costs about $35
Go buy one, as when you blow a CV on the track, you'll want to know what your doing.

22-09-14, 10:46 AM
Yeah you are right dude, what tool is that?

22-09-14, 04:34 PM
54mm Hub Socket

you are likely to have everything else already... and you don't need a knuckle pull scale for the trunion pre-load, do it by hand.

it'll take you a weekend doing it the first time.

22-09-14, 10:05 PM
Oh yeah, I did see that in the video!

I tend to go out with guys that know hehe.

Picked up the baboon today. Glad to have it back, she needs a wheel alignment tho. Applied them decals too!

23-09-14, 07:22 AM
Hey guys so driving the car seemed fine but after about 10 mins there is a scrapping sound coming from the front wheels. Could it be they haven't used enough grease? Sound is similar to no brake pads

01-12-14, 09:27 PM
bought some aftermarket flares by "Kut Snake"/ They are ABS plastic, so not only do they look tuff, but will take some punishment!
No flares...Mexican Offsdt lol...

Started to install the Aftermarket flares..front done..rear to do.

Also fitted the OEm Genuine leather boot and new console..updates the int just that little bit..and the little Waeco fits perfectly behind it!

01-12-14, 09:37 PM
farken how far apart is the clutch and brake pedals !!!

02-12-14, 04:18 AM
You use your left foot on the clutch pedal and your right foot does the brake and accelerator.

05-12-14, 10:44 PM
Where did you get the console? Looks half decent.

05-12-14, 11:41 PM
Its a genuine item dude.

06-12-14, 09:57 AM
Aftermarket ones here....

10-12-14, 12:18 PM
No flares...Mexican Offset lol...

Went to Menai on Sat with a friend. He just bought a lifted turbo diesel 80 series...this guy has no fear..alot of hairy moments..but baboon performed really well, but I finally had to use the winch and wow, its amazing how good it works!!!
Flexing it up...its scarier going down than up

Jason bent his steering arm..hitting the rocks a little too hard..we bent it back using the winch

10-12-14, 01:39 PM
Fuck, even tougher with the steroid flares!

10-12-14, 01:45 PM
This thing has come a long way! :D love it

Just needs 1hd :D

10-12-14, 03:03 PM
Yeah, still on the hunt for a 1HDFTE!

18-01-15, 11:41 AM
Replaced the pretty shit OEm seats with some cool Recaros, what a massive difference.

20-01-15, 09:55 PM
Lol I saw that you were selling the OEM seats... They're not overly comfortable the standard seats (if I'm going to be honest). Dem seats, and the fact that mine has HD springs in it, combine nicely to make my old girl a not so wonderful place to be for extended periods.

Did you need to modify your rails to fit the Recaros? I've seen quite a few late model SS and XR seat swaps into 80's... Did you look into these?

21-01-15, 07:59 AM
yeah man the OEM are ok but long trips it hurts my lower back..plus Im a ricer haha

I did try and find some SSR Surf seats but alot were worn, these are straight from Japan, that came out of an 80, which have Recaro rails on them..so was a bolt it job :)

10-02-15, 08:50 PM
Added a nice little touch today..

The Baboons Tints are pretty dark (5%) and reversing at night is a challenge..LED reverse lights did nothing....

Especially when Ive got a trailer on the back, so the next option was a small LED light bar..but i wanted it subtle..
Found a trader on the American forum that make these cool little brackets that replace the OEM boot striker.
OEM Striker it replaces:
Bought a pair of 4" LED light bars (Only using one at this stage) and wiring Kit
Simply remove the two existing bolts and install the new bracket
Fit the light bar...and then wire it up (Which im yet to do)
One of my favorite mods!

01-03-15, 07:35 PM
Baboon has been sitting out front again with a leaking rear axel seal. Getting this sorted next week, and I have decided to spend abit on some Custom Castor plates from XXi industries

These are to help castor adjustments when you have an aftermarket lift. The car should drive alot nicer...time will tell