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23-09-11, 02:33 PM
So i’ve had this thing kicking around for a couple of years, originally bought to transport my motorbike around & general household ute duties – I thought id have it for a year and fuck it off.

(Was a bit of a steal, from boostcruising - $2000 with 6 months rego and a RWC. no rust, no smoke, reco diesel pump, clean interior and decent service history…. Everything works as well (unbelievably not fucked with anywhere))

But has ended up hanging around for a couple of years now and certainly lived up to its ‘Topgear’ unbreakable status – only maintenance i’ve had to do in 2 years is to change the battery, haven’t even changed the oil…. Just keeps on going.

Everything was done by the previous owner, which includes a 3” lift & 15” wheels (31” tyres)…. Basically the only thing ive done to it is fitted a set of 4” speakers under the dash and a shitty stereo for tunes.

Anyways a few pics:



Kind of at crossroads now as to keep it for a bit longer and drop a few bucks on it or fark it off and pickup a later model ute but the thing hasn’t really let me down and owes me absolutely fuck all.

Things that shit me off is the bench seat, would either like a later model bench seat or a couple of later model cloth seats and power, it needs more (rolling with 2.4L atmo diesel).

So enjoy, i know I have…. Its fucking slow but I find solace in the fact all said and done the thing owes me less than $2200 for 2+ years of reliable service.

23-09-11, 04:02 PM
I should also mention that i originally went looking for a 8 x 5 trailer but after finding anything half decent was $1500+ i figured id spend $500 more and pickup a ute (with a much bigger tray anyway).

23-09-11, 04:41 PM
very tidy :)

maybe a cheap/basic turbo kit? like a MP bush turbo, steam pipe manifold and oem intercooler?

23-09-11, 08:31 PM
Looks good mate. Sticking with the diesel or going petrol?

24-09-11, 07:41 AM
A 3L (2.8L) or 5L (3.0L) diesel will make a nice upgrade. Add a DTS turbo kit (or home made, whatever) for more grunt.

I'm sure bucket seats from most later model HiLuxs will fit.

If you're going to start using it offroad, make sure you give all the fluids a change and check all the 4WD gear (4H-L and hubs) is in good working order. Nothing worse than taking a new rig offroad fr the first time and finding out 4WD isn't actually engaged due to fucked-out hubs or something.

24-09-11, 12:09 PM
Looks tidy. I'd throw some decent seats in, even something from Autobahn/supercheap would do, and chuck an exhaust on it. If it serves it's purpose no point throwing huge $$ at it and end up with something that spends the rest of time in pieces in the garage.

04-10-11, 05:03 PM
Oh! Could you do me a favour?
I need a measurement between the centres of the holes in the end of the rails at the front, as in on the end of it. Trying to figure out if a winch plate for one of these will fit my '81 with some small mods.

Shame you're in QLD, I have a pair of perfect original seats out of one of these. Well, perfect except the previous owner had removed the seat mount tabs (just riveted on) to fit them in something else. They were too wide for my '81.