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01-11-11, 12:25 PM
Finally got a 4wd. As per other thread was after something for light 4wding (sand mainly), towing, 8 seater, not too exxy. Ended up getting a 98 Prado petrol manual for $6600 with 270k's. Looks dead stock. Has BFG AT's on it already but needs a couple replaced soon. Got quoted $350 ea from the only place I've rang so far. Anyone got hookups?

Don't really want to sink much coin into it. Will go out in it a bit and see if the bug bites. If it does I'll upgrade to something better in a couple of years. Needs a few interior bits replaced, like hot/cold knob on air con snapped off and I don't think the sub fuel gauge is working.

Would like a lift and some better wheels. The ones on it look gayer than a bag full of gay things. Might fuck the side steps off too.


Any suggestions for wheels? Thinking black. With lift (2in ish) and no side steps would look better.

Edit: Do want a canopy thing mounted to the roof, so maybe a roof basket or roof racks.

01-11-11, 01:48 PM
Looks pretty good for the $$$

What size tyres and Rims are on it at the moment ?

If you are after a roof pod - I have one here for sale - never used $400.00

01-11-11, 01:49 PM
Nice one man, hows she on fuel??
Ill be selling these soon, pretty sure they are 16 x 8 0 Offset

01-11-11, 01:51 PM
Far out, good price! What year?

01-11-11, 02:17 PM
Ended up getting a 98 Prado petrol manual for $6600

Far out, good price! What year?


01-11-11, 02:28 PM
After a cage type roof thing not a pod.

Tyres are 265/75R16. NFI about rim width.

Dunno about the fuel yet. Only drove it home (an hour and the needle did move), then to the RTA and back. I daily my bike so won't see too many commuting k's. Just weekends away and carting shit around.

01-11-11, 02:34 PM
Ad says it had LSD. Do they have them standard? Will jack it up and check eventually.

01-11-11, 02:38 PM
No worries - heaps on ebay that will fit on normal roof bars, otherwise an "all in one" can be bought from ARB

as for LSD, Grande & GXL have them as standard

01-11-11, 02:45 PM
Sweet. Mine says GXL on the back.

Whats included in an all in one?

Saw some on ebay with all the fittings and shit. Is it worth getting an ARB one over a cheaper brand? I'd rather it not scratch the shit out of the roof or fly off at speed when its full.

01-11-11, 02:59 PM
the all in one are basically a full cage with the 'legs" permanently attached - they are generally heavier duty and designed primarily for roof top tents and other heavier items.
They often run a full length channel too, so trap water between the channel and roof, so can sometimes lead to rust if not looked at (ie, leaves and dirt trapping in the gaps)

The others are separate bars and basket - gives you much more flexibility as you can swap between rails / basket depending what you want to carry - also helps with wind resistance / height for car parks, fuel economy etc.

The maximum roof weight will probably be in the order of 80-120kg anyway - so either option would be enough to meet the maximum capacity

Full / single type examples (steel or alloy)

01-11-11, 03:11 PM
separate style
heaps of styles to chose from


Cages / Platforms

we use the separate style for ours for the flexibility
we run the AERO style bar (low noise less wind resistance) and an alloy platform with awning mounted side and rear.. - once again, less noise and wind resistance



due to the roof rails on the Pajero - we have a maximum roof weight of 60-80kg - so the alloy platform rack is the lightest option too...

01-11-11, 04:47 PM
if the diff has never been rebuilt the LSD will be as useful as the bag of gay things you mentioned after 270,000kms

2" body lift
2" springs
33" ebay spec muddies on some 16x8 sunraisiers and it should look good

01-11-11, 05:02 PM
if the diff has never been rebuilt the LSD will be as useful as the bag of gay things you mentioned after 270,000kms

2" body lift
2" springs
33" ebay spec muddies on some 16x8 sunraisiers and it should look good


01-11-11, 05:24 PM
What's a body lift and springs worth fitted? (I'm lazy and have no garage)

Been looking at sunraysias last night. Need some black ones. Where's the cheapest place to get em?

Doubtful I'll get muddies. Wont use them.

Will consider roof options. Low quiet roof racks look good. Not going to be carrying anything too heavy. Mainly just a place to mount the awning. Not getting tents or anything.

01-11-11, 07:18 PM
Agreed on the no tent thing

use a swag you fags

01-11-11, 07:41 PM
Nice buy.
Sidesteps can be quite handy for protecting the sills, so even if you dont like the look but intend on decent offroad use it might pay to leave them there.

Roof basket will have a noticeable effect on your fuel economy.

Procomp black steel wheels look tough as, a few styles to choose from, bit different to the usual old sunrasia pattern.

01-11-11, 09:46 PM
The LSD's can be shim'd up with reasonable success to make them a bit better - No point in a diff lock if you are not going hardcore. - the $1500 odd can be better spent elsewhere. (UHF + Wheels/Tyres)

Suspension: - for a 2" lift - budget $1,200 to $1,800 depending on where you go (drive in/drive out) for a decent set of springs and shocks. I had the Pajero fitted with Bilstein/Lovells for $1300 fitted. gave me 3" in rear and 2.5" in front (once the bar and whinch was fitted it dropped to 2" front and when the Aux Tank and rear shelves / fridge go in the back will be about the same

Wheels: Ebay seems to come up with some bargains for wheels every now and then - I picked up the 5 rims and tyres in the pics of ours for $1,000 - Rims cost the bloke $300 each on their own..
They are 16x7 Mangels and 245/70R16's, tyres had done about 5,000km. - that that gives you an idea of what is out there.

Agreed with the muddies - bloody noisy around town - don't handle as good, use more fuel. I only put ours on when going away - Road tyres at all other times - best of both worlds.
You would be best with a set of All Terrains - good on / off road compromise.

A side awning will set you back $250 to $350 (new) depending on size ie, 2.0m x 2.0m or 2.0m x 2.5m or 2.5m x 2.0m
ours is a 2.0 x 2.5 (2.0 along the car and 2.5 out from the car - plenty big enough
our rear one is 1.5m x 2.0m

02-11-11, 06:55 AM
something for light 4wding (sand mainly), towing,

Would like a lift
I might be going against the grain here, but....why? Airing down should be all you need to do...

02-11-11, 08:01 AM
Just bought a set of Maxxis Bighorns 305/70/16 on black sunrasiers on Ebay,a bout 50% tread left for $400. So Bargains can be had!

02-11-11, 09:24 AM
Sand mainly, not exclusively.

Fark thats cheap. Get em on and take a pic.

02-11-11, 01:22 PM
Good pickup, my mate got one similar late last year for nearly $10k I think it was.

I bought my rims from the local Bob Janes. Got the ROH Blacktracks as I preferred the look with the larger holes over the King ones.


$60 or so each I think? Was $1900 for a set of 5 with 33x12.5 ATs.

02-11-11, 02:14 PM
That's pretty cheap for the wheels. Anyone photoshop competent?

02-11-11, 07:04 PM
That price will be for a 15" rim. Expect to pay at least $110 for a 16" rim. Don't know why there's such a price jump.

02-11-11, 08:01 PM
Read somewhere 15s dont fit on Prados without grinder to brake caliper modification which isnt going to happen.

04-11-11, 09:23 AM
I have one of these which I am about to offload.

Fuel wise I get 1000km give or take out of sub and main tank.

I fitted Bilstein shocks and King Springs for 2 inch lift for about $1200.

I have never had a problem doing normal 4wding but mates with turbo diesels remain in high on the beach I have to go low range due to not having a centre differential lock in this model.

The biggest ticket item is the steering rack which are over $1000 to be replaced as they are normally not able to be reconditioned.

The best bit is that it is cheap enough that you won't mind if you get a scratch or a ding.

Justin Bieber
05-11-11, 12:32 AM
Whats the largest tyre you can go legally on these in NSW? Up here its 2" bigger than stock and no lift bigger than 2". I'm fairly sure NSW affords a bit more freedom in both of these areas. You can get some pretty sweet all terrains if you look around. I just bought a new set of the new Goodyear Wrangler Duratreks. Very happy with them so far. I think they are a 70/30 offroad/onroad. Will be rotating them religiously in the hope that they don't get as noisy as my old MTR's!

If this thing is the IFS front end like my hilux then i'd advise about going to crazy winding up torsion bars. I had all sorts of issues with breaking balljoints and idler arms with the bars wound up. The heavy duty torsion bars are also not the most comfortable thing to have fitted and are never really needed unless you have multiple batteries, bullbar, winch ect hanging off the front. My advice is the only reason to lift it would be to fit bigger tyres. Buy the biggest tyres you can legally and then work out how far you need to go.

As has been said, if it's got an LSD, it will be fucked. Mine was rooted when I got my hilux at 125k. There are a couple of places that sell drop in LSD replacements for these, i'll try and dig them up.

Good choice on the roof basket, I picked mine up for $50 off 4wd action forums! Bargains are definitely to be had. I went for the Rhino Trackmount roofrack system. Very pleased with it. Easy as piss to mount the basket and remove it + there are all sorts of accessories to mount various things up there. Would highly recommend. I love those awnings but havent coughed up to buy one yet. Currently use a tarpoline spreader pole zip tied to the edge of the roof racks with a tarp rolled up on it. Takes 2 tent poles and 2 ropes to hold it up. Very ghetto but it works well for now!


That's the sort of thing I went for. I like the alloy ones as they are a bit lighter, there's a good 15-20kg in mine, that's luggage you can't load up there!

05-11-11, 12:40 AM
Fuel wise I get 1000km give or take out of sub and main tank.

So how many litres of fuel do you fit in these tanks?

05-11-11, 09:04 AM
So how many litres of fuel do you fit in these tanks?


05-11-11, 07:29 PM
If you're looking for tyres my mate just picked up a set for his 99 model the other day for cheap as.

Ironman A/T 265x70x16 set of 4 for $550 from some place out at Ingleburn.

US brand apparently getting a lot of good reviews. I know the sizings different but cost wise could get 2 sets and still have change out of what my Yokos cost.

06-11-11, 01:04 AM
Thanks axe man. Good advice.

I give no fark for legalities.:p

Yep with main and sub its 159L.

4 tyres for 550 is awesome if theyre decent.

08-11-11, 11:04 AM
Anyone got roof rack/ basket / awning hookups?

Dropped in at a 4wd shop today to sus out some stuff.

Looked at the Rhino Pioneer alloy platform. Was $800 and something including ugly arse square roof racks that I apparently have to use to fit it on my car.


These are the accessories:


They also do an awning attachment (extra) and have removable side ($280 extra).

Will keep trolling ebay, 4wd action, and pradopoint forums.

10-11-11, 10:34 AM
These are on ebay:


ARB ones are well over 1k. Would the ebay one be that much worse?

10-11-11, 11:01 AM
I've got one of those gal baskets that attaches to standard roof racks, got it off Jim with the intention to use it but in reality never will. You interested in taking it off my hands for the freebie value that I paid for it? Can deliver to Penshurst on Saturday morning if you can collect then?

10-11-11, 01:03 PM
PM sent.

16-03-14, 09:06 PM
Hey blackbart... don't know if you're still around this place any more, but now that you've had this thing for a few years (if you've still got it?) what do you think of it, as i'm looking to pick one up at the moment...

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