View Full Version : 13's for 1300 better late then never :)

26-01-12, 09:45 PM

myself and a mate decided to have a crack at this, we were donated a car, and between bits we have laying around, this could be quite an amusing combination, weather the comp is over or not, it's still a great book of rules to play in accordance with.

so, what would you estimate our budget would be at now? it's a bit hard to guess what with a lot of the gear we're playing with that's been sitting on shelves for ages, for example, the head was bought in a moment of weakness for $150 .. . .

is a bit sad . . i've been playing with mopars all this time, and these two bit ricey things are sooo easy to tweak! . . :)





not bad for an afternoons work if i say so myself . . . too much?? Dickie don't think so :)


27-01-12, 06:03 AM
cool keep it coming.

Where did the big turbo come from?

27-01-12, 06:27 AM
big turbo's just a tease (gt42) i'll be searching ebay for a $200 chow wok special t3t4 or t04

i haven't even had a look at diff ratio, but am assuming being a wag it'd be somewhere in the vicinity of 3.5 which will do for now.

The only other issue i'm pondering is weather to try and retrofit the rb30 dissy to the front of the exhaust cam, or attempt to run the 25 ignitor, loom and computer, i think the retrofit would be easier..

your thoughts?

27-01-12, 07:34 AM
Run the dizzy. use the rb30 cam gear and belt drive the sucker off the timing belt :)

27-01-12, 10:14 AM
Diff in that will be 3.9:1

27-01-12, 10:49 AM
IS it just me or did you twin cam that engine in the fucking engine bay? Nice work matey!

Here i am thinking it's hard and shit - if i can do it for 1300 I might just get it done!

27-01-12, 11:11 AM
It the turbo head, with the variable cam thingy, was only a matter of blanking one oil line that was aligning with a water jacket, then running a line from the second cam cap to the first to compensate for it,

27-01-12, 08:38 PM
so you havent sorted the idler yet?

11-09-12, 04:23 PM
tensioner stud, , vct gallery stud or weld, and properly gauged vct line or get rid of the vct, needs to be done. also the other gear u will need.. ofc i thought about this too, but i know for a fact it will cost more than 1300 to do it. will be interesting if u can do it within the rules and it passes 'pit lane' scrutiny.