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04-06-12, 12:11 PM
This is my first post but been following this thread for about a year. The rwd drive challenge was already over by the time I had moved back from England but liked the concept and thought I'd have a crack.

So I started searching my local trader (yeppoon/rockhampton) and found a suitable eb s1 fairmont auto with 190000km on the digital dash. I paid $400 for it which is a bit steep but couldn't find anything else at the time.

I started with usual stuff stripped it all interior, aircon gear I think I would have got 200kgs or so out of it with plans for a bit more of a diet down the track. After I stripped it it sat for about 6 months while I save some money to pay for some nos and other bits and pieces which takes a while cause I don't like to work and prefer to play golf, anyway I went to mechanic mates place and told them the whole idea and one of them said I might have some thing that might interest you after a short rummage through his shipping container he pulls out a cobwebbed old school t04 and external gate already mounted to the rear half of falcon manifold. The nos idea got flicked and I had a few spare days cause of the rain (renderer and won't let me on the golf course) so me and mate did a big push to get it turbo for the next bernaraby test and tune which was on Friday we started on it Tuesday. I went got oil lines a brass fitting t piece for the feed punched a hole in the sump and hooked them up. Built a dump pipe out of the 2.5inch exhaust that was already on the car and Andrew thought it would be cool to weld the tip onto the dump for a bit of hekticness we also made a screamer pipe out of gal cause we couldn't find any mild that small its got a 45 degree cut in it and just welded them up not the best flowing but goes with the ghetto theme of the car. We decided not to run a cooler and we got to making a turbo to intake pipe we thought that the carbon build up and rust in the exuast we had might not be to good so we went for some PVC pipe we had we used things called plump quiks for fittings much cheaper than silicon they were $30 for the two we needed which came with clamps got them from Reece plumbing. We had another look through the container and found some ls1 injectors didn't know if they would work after a bit of research found out they were fair bit bigger and would fit so we wacked them in to. Did a cig diff job on it and Matt(mainly matt)and I made a home made shift kit for it to. Another mate of mine was a tyre shop and managed to get me a set of really worn Mickey Thompson street et in 255/60 for free thier past the ware marks and we fitted these to the stock 6.5 inch rims. So we fired it up and every thing ran pretty sweet had a slight oil leak on the oil return which was an easy fix it also ran pretty rich with the big injectors but I thought the boost would compensate. Took it out to the private test track on Thursday night the night before the test and tune and went to see what the waste gate spring was holding so I stalled her up no traction let off the brake and watched the boost gauge and it hit a whopping 5psi and felt pretty sluggish at the time I thought 14.5s at best took it back to the shed stole a t piece out of a mates skyline wound it out took it back to the track and hit 8psi and felt much better thinking a flat 14 maybe a 13 parked it back in the yard and awaited Friday night. It was raining off and on all day Friday and I kept checking the bernaraby web site for up dates by 11 thier was no cancellation so I got the trailer ready and started the falcon to put it on and a big plume of white smoke came out and it wouldn't run pulled the plugs one by one and number 6 was spewing water out the plug blown head gasket, closed the bonnet and went and had a burbon half and hour later banarby was cancelled so not so bad. Now we are getting a steel au head gasket and waiting for the next test and tune which is only once a month. A break down of money spent so far.

Car $400
Turbo, waste gate, half of exhaust manifold $200
Other half of manifold $10
Oil lines and fittings $50
Shift kit $10
Plumbing fittings $30

Total $800

Plans are either nos and diff gears or j3 chip, cooler, diff gears and a possible stall not sure which to go after a au gasket ($100) I'll have $400 to spend so nos is $389 or something from vpw so probly can't afford diff gears but I'll work it out later. I've done all this on my I phone so I don't how to load pics but I'll try get them up soon.


Rorz de Puniet
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Sounds cool, definitely be wanting pics.

Finding an EB with 190,000kms on it was a pretty good find, but I'm guessing it's still 3.9-litre being a series-1. Which dragstrip is your local?

04-06-12, 12:57 PM
Did it already have a blown head gasket or boost related you reckon?

I'd definitely throw an intercooler in there if you've got the budget to help prevent detonation (it's amazing what difference it makes), also use the best fuel you can find. Stall converter will help too.

04-06-12, 01:06 PM
Might need to combine the threads as well. Bit silly having two

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Yea sorry about that first post was a double shocker, how do you combine them can I do it or does a moderator need to do it? I'm driving from cairns to yeppoon (1200km) today so I'll try get them up tomorrow and a vid

04-06-12, 05:09 PM
I don't think the gasket was already blown I think the standard paper gasket didnt liked the boost, I should be able to fit a cooler for under a $100 a tuned j3 is $190 which gives me $110 to play with diff gears can be had for under a $100 means no stall but the turbo is not to laggy it comes on hard just before 3k. Barnaraby raceway is our local strip it's 2hrs from my place in yeppoon in central queensland

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pics up in the with turbos thinking about putting the holset on but as you can see its the size of that wheel next to it not sure if it would spool

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That PVC pipe won't last long.....

05-06-12, 01:19 PM
;841460536']That PVC pipe won't last long.....

Needs more double bed?

05-06-12, 08:39 PM
pvc piping = epic lolz

I'm DJ!
05-06-12, 09:26 PM
Love the bonnet mods, bahaimus you looking here?

06-06-12, 07:12 AM
The PVC has lasted longer then the head gasket did:) we have done to full noise passes heaps of launches and a few skids and it's held up no worries if it plays up I have a single bed for cutting up:)

06-06-12, 08:55 AM
have run a pvc hot pipe before and worst was some deformation after doing a run up a mountain

06-06-12, 06:35 PM
:lol: this is in the true spirit of things....keep going

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So how's this going anyway mate?