View Full Version : 13s for $1300 Spec Roadworthy Request

26-06-12, 01:38 PM
Anyone got any hookups they can PM me for a quick and painless road worthy? Car in question will be the 13s for $1300 Mazda 626. I have spent a bit of time getting it to road worthy condition (as documented in the car's build thread but lost in the great forum crash of 26/06/12). To be honest the car is in great condition for its age and drives very well. Only remaining issues are 1 x split CV boot, 1 x split steering rack tie rod boot & 2 x faulty power window motors. The CV boot and tie rod boot will be replaced asap. I really don't want to fix the power windows because they are all getting removed after the 'road worthy' - driver window will be changed to manual and all others fixed glass (don't have the budget for lexan). Car will be for personal use only and scrapped once the challenge is over.

My next day off where I'll be available for a mobile roadworthy will be in two weeks time. I'll go crazy if I can't do a base quarter mile run and then start modifying the car by then!

Thanks, Chris