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27-09-12, 12:42 AM
When I get back from OS in Dec I'm going to sell the WRX and buy a ute.
I've heard good things about the Ranger's and it fits within my budget.
Looking at PJ 07/08 model, 4x4, dual cab, XL probably, not sure if XLT is worth it?

Anyone had experience with them? Any issues that people have picked up?
A good mate of mine is a mechanic and he owns one, his brother has one, has serviced heaps and has never had any big dramas even with 300k km on the clock.

Fire away gents!

27-09-12, 04:19 AM
Maybe they are reliable but I think they're terrible to drive and are dog slow. Depends on your requirements I guess. Mine was an 08 XL dual cab diesel with auto - company car - only racked up 40k Kms however no issues to report other than the battery being junk

27-09-12, 08:13 AM
My brother had a diesel auto one for a while. The trans gave a fair bit of trouble, had to be recalibrated by Ford several times. After he sold it the new owner drove it to Darwin. At about Adelaide River it did the head, so was filled with chemiweld and traded in at the Ford dealer in Darwin. Don't buy that one!

Motherfucker Jones
27-09-12, 09:24 AM
Early ones had (as above) problems with the head. There may have even been a recall?? Other than that they're pretty good. Wouldn't mind one as a daily/ tow car

27-09-12, 09:54 AM
Apparently have 5th gear problems too. A mate's blew 5th, took it back and was told it was common and not towing related.

Not sure if that's true though, we all know how awesome Ford after sales departments are.

edit: This was a manual gearbag

27-09-12, 10:59 AM
Yeah they blow manual gearbags. Not uncommon. However its not ubcommon for hiluxs to blow boxes and look how wet everyone gets over them..

27-09-12, 04:19 PM
go the d40 navara. if for nothing more than the old ranger is a ugly mofo.

28-09-12, 12:53 AM
go the d40 navara. if for nothing more than the old ranger is a ugly mofo.what compared to a triton? :p
i actually don't mind the look of them. add roo bar and lights, decent tyres and it'll be sweet.

driven a few D40 navara's, fucken hate the 6 speed in them. that alone would put me off.

it'll be a daily as the WRX is tempting me to do stuff to it and it's impractical for my work needs in wine/viticulture/riding bikes. i've got the 2002 as a weekender.
i'll be after a manual i reckon and will need to do a little bit of towing, no fucking horse floats or anything particularly heavy.

28-09-12, 09:25 AM
Nah they just look too much like the old couriers.

The 6sp in mine is alright, brand New they are very notchy, after they loosen up its not too bad. The updated autos aren't meant to be a bad thing either (>2010)