View Full Version : My first Hilux

05-08-14, 12:12 AM
Hey fellas picking up my first Hilux on thursday, put the deposit down on her today.

Its a SR5 12/2009 model, auto, diesel turbo in white.

Current mods are 2inch lift kit, 3inch turbo back exhaust and some trd rims, late model sports bar. Looking to put a dpchip in it and a front bar like the arb sahara soon. Got some future mods in mind but ill wait until the piggy bank gets it balance back up.

Currently sitting on 115000kms and shes in excellent condition inside n out. Will be taking her to the farm in August for a hunting trip. We dont offroad too heavy duty out there but it will be nice to have my own on the farm finally :)

Here's a pic from the ad, will get some nicer ones once I pick her up..


05-08-14, 10:49 PM
Nice one!

I've been taking the Prado hunting, bipod on the bonnet - no worries.

06-08-14, 04:23 AM
Thanks Marty!

Heres my 30-06 on my mates bonnet lol. I enjoy taking these shots :) Nailed a few pigs last trip will be taking my car out this time also!


14-08-14, 03:44 AM
So found out the front has had a heavy duty spring upgrade only to lift it up from the shitty factory angle nose dive position.

Now I will have to do a 3inch front lift and 2inch lift on the back. Snake racing might be the go..

I have got a mod list for this so far. Now just to save the $ to make it happen! First things first, gonna buy a diesel chip (from pf member) and install that soon