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25-03-02, 07:14 AM
Heres another....
VL Commodore
Walky kit
Calais front pop up lights and rear tail lights.
17" Trilogy wheels
Recaro interea
As I said its white with gray trim and purple bits (glove box,disk calapers..)
Number plates are VLL-10N.

It was taken from around Nowra area,NSW but I get the feeling it will end up out this way.

Its not a hard car to miss so please help find it.
Email me if you see it on chris5ltr@hotmail.com


25-03-02, 10:17 AM
i'll keep a look out QLD!

25-03-02, 10:41 AM
Sorry to hear it I will keep an eye out for it

25-03-02, 11:44 AM
Thanks guys,I just spoke to the owner and she has given me some pics to post.....

25-03-02, 11:46 AM

25-03-02, 11:48 AM

25-03-02, 11:49 AM
and here...

25-03-02, 11:56 AM
Got ne exterior shots?

25-03-02, 12:06 PM
It had diffrent wheel then on this pic.
They were 17"trilogy's

25-03-02, 01:43 PM
Sorry to hear.
I'll keep a look out for it Chris.

25-03-02, 07:29 PM
Im sick of this ... I had a thread about it before but some1 deleted it y the f**k cant these ppl get money another way stealing cars! cars ppl have spent urs and thousands of dollars on! If I catch some1 stealing a car god help them I might be 15 but when they have been put in hospital by a 15 yr old they will think agauin

25-03-02, 08:48 PM
Beautiful car....

I have an eye for beautiful cars, whenever I see one I must look, so I'll keep an eye out for it.

25-03-02, 10:00 PM
http://sydcc.tripod.ca/show_0104t.jpg (http://sydcc.tripod.ca/show_0104.JPG)

Theres 1 taken the day the car was stolen (from the nowra show). Hope they get the car back and the thieves, well i hope bubba gets the chance to sort them out :mad: :mad: :mad:

mr bt1
27-03-02, 06:17 PM
to the scum that stole the car you will come undone i previosly owned the car and the parts are easy reckonisable there is a reward for the recovery of the car..:mad: .and it is a pretty low act as the car was uninsured

28-03-02, 05:57 AM
Got any pics with the current wheels.

I seen a white VL with a walkie kit yesterday. It was going west on Parramatta Rd & turning left onto Woodville Rd.
I couldn't see the plate cause of the traffic. I was heading the other way so I couldn't turn around either.

It had what looked like 17" 5 spoke type wheels on it.

Chris5ltr, Email Me Here (henry@yokohama.com.au) with your phone number in case I see it again

03-04-02, 07:57 AM
When i catch a thief. no matter whos car he/she is breaking into I will paint a nearby lighpole in red with their head!!! u know what I mean.

So if a thief is reading this... watch out! i'm not the only one who's pissed off...

Nice VL, i'll keep my eyes open.

05-04-02, 01:27 PM
Sorry to hear that it was flogged. I know what thats like, but lucky for me my Calais turbo was found the next day with nothing missing and only damage to the steering & ignition.

I hope you get it back. Scum sucking wankers.....

Im planning to add the walky kit to my VL and was wondering if you could send me any pics of this white walky? My car is white/silver but i will leave it white when I put the kit on and wanted to see what it looks like. So if ya have any more pics e-mail them to me at craig_wall@dingoblue.net.au.

Cheers, and good luck.


16-04-02, 10:19 AM
Ofter putting a add in the local paper the owner got a phone call from a old bloke saying he found her number plates "VLL10N"
She went to get them,they were folded in half up the street from where it was taken:(
About 2 weeks after it was taken someome thought they spotted to at wollongong on a saturday night,chased it but lost it:(
Just thought I would update you guys and girls on it.

16-04-02, 03:53 PM
Why was the car uninsured, may i ask?

mr bt1
21-04-02, 07:36 PM
no boddy would insure the car

23-04-02, 02:19 PM
I'm the owner of the car. It was uninsured because low life pieces of shit that go around stealing other peoples life are the ones that make insurance premiums go up and prevent honest hard working people like myself and alot of other people from getting it. I couldn't even get anyone to touch it if the car was in my dad's name.

By the way does anyone know how you go about selling number plates. I'm getting a VK on Thursday and as the plates say VLL10N they'd look pretty dumb on the new car.:mad:

23-04-02, 04:49 PM
Sorry to hear about ya car. Could ya e-mail me craig_wall@dingoblue.net.au, as I have some questions for ya.



KFC Chicken Box
01-05-02, 12:16 AM
im interested in the plates
my mate has VRL10N (VRSS)

it might be a good touch for my other mates VL

98 n15 pulsar SSS

01-05-02, 01:46 PM
The plates are for sale in the for sale part... :)

19-05-02, 01:47 PM

28-05-02, 04:00 PM
Go to Page 10 of todays (28/5/02) morning edition of the Sydney Telegraph.

Could this be your car ?

Its a story about two brothers caught doing a car-rebirthing operation in Marayong in Sydneys west. They list the cars they had in their possession and it includes a VL Walkinshaw look alike, picture included.

28-05-02, 04:29 PM
yeah i read that at work, u beat me to it micky-B!

well, theres 2 of the low life sons of bitches down - how many to go!?!?!

30-05-02, 11:07 AM
Hey thanks for pointing that newspaper article out. I had a look but it's not my car. The cops did the raid on the 21st of March and my car was pinched on the 25th of March. Sounded promising though didn't it?

mr bt1
02-06-02, 04:36 PM

27-06-02, 06:08 PM
Still missing!!! :( :mad: