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Thread: How to recondition Victa 2-stroke lawnmower plastic carburettor

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    How to recondition Victa 2-stroke lawnmower plastic carburettor

    1) Remove carb by twisting anticlockwise 25 degrees then pulling from motor. Unplug all hoses.

    2) Disassemble carby and clean it.

    3) Reassemble and away you go.

    There are like 10 parts in the whole carby, it's super-simple. I setup a large clean bench expecting 30-60 parts all to be taken apart in order, cleaned and reassembled carefully. Whole job took an hour. There are two springs in it, both under the rear of the carby (where the air intake and throttle cable goes) and the small one goes under the diaphram and the big one goes above the diaphram. In case you can't figure that out

    Hope this encourages someone to do it rather than paying a shop to do it...
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    was about ot say.. if someone was asking how to do it i was gonna slap them... could do it upside down underwater with only 1 arm..hmm sounds like somethin to try actually

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    Its called a G4 carby, i used to be a lawnmower mech years and years ago
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    I hated the thing so much, I replaced it with a slide carby.
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