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Thread: Easiest state in Aus to get drivers license

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    Easiest state in Aus to get drivers license

    Me and my mates we're having a discussion this afternoon on how easy it was to get a drivers license throughout Australia.

    Where is it easiest? a friend of mine reckons NT, but he was drunk and had no evidence. SA used to be fairly easy, but now its similar to QLD if im not mistaken...

    I think my drunk mate may have been right...

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    From my experience they are all around about the same these days....It was however a lot 'easier' in country areas in the past.I was a country lad and had driven vehicles since I was like 10,come license time,it was a quick lap round the block and back to the station.I had already had a few years behind the wheel of various things and I guess the confidence and skill shined through.These days I dont know whether its too easy or that ppl have changed,as I dont remember so many young ppl killed on roads back in the day.Then again,not many of us were driving big HP cars straight off the bat,more so pre 70s holdens and fords (for me and my peers anyways),and although you could still get into trouble,we managed to stay alive...

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    I dont know what the situation is in NT is, but I always thought SA was one of the easier states. Mostly due to the fact you can (I think they may have changed this) get a licence at 16.

    A guy I went to high school with said his cousin came over from Melbourne and got his P's at 16 and he was the only one at his school that could drive, everyone else had to wait until they were 18.

    Not long after I got my P's (far out that was a while ago ) they changed the road rules to national rules to try to get uniformality across the states. That complicated things greatly and we all laughed at people who had waited.

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    you can still get P's at 16.5 in SA, I got my L's on my 16th birthday, and P's the next day (had been driving(not just steering) 1926 Buick around back yard since I was 5) , but shortly after they changed a few things including having to have L's for minimum of 14 days. P's also still only go for 1 year in SA (my oldest son just got off his) there is still no stupid power to weight laws yet either. License requirements are similar to Vic from what I can see
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    P's only go for a year in SA? ... dont think thats entirely true.

    used to be P's at 16.5 until 19 .. or if you get your licence after 18, you only need your P's for a year.

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    From memory you can get your L's here at 16 and you have to have them for at least two weeks while you practice and then you can do your test. You can get your P's anytime after the two weeks and they go for a year and the restrictions are zero BAC and an 80km/h limit.

    It's too easy. Far too easy. I got my L's after two lessons and had to wait til the two weeks were up then did my test got 97%, lost 3% for over-revving the engine when taking off from a traffic light. Pathetic - didn't even have to do a reverse park.

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    It would have to be SA, when you look at the standard of drivers here.
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    NT. Noone cares up here who they give a licence too, and there is enough proof of that by how many fucksticks are on the roads.

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    NSW - L's at 16, P's must be at least 17

    VIC - L's at 16, P's must be at least 18

    QLD - L's at 16.5, P's Must be at least 17
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