Toyota 1FZ-FE TURBO engine package


Toyota 1FZ-FE
Standard valves
Ivan Tighe performace camshafts (268 deg duration)
Mild clean-up to bowls
Head is O-ringed (Rhemac engineering, Adelaide)
Reduced compression via modified combustion chambers
Upgraded valve-springs to cope with 20+ PSI boost
Custom ARP head studs
Standard rods, crank pistons
Motor is all fresh-
Valve-stem seals
Head gasket

All professionally assembled.
Motor will need to be run-in when fired first time.

External components

100 series landcruiser stub manifold,
modified to run 12 injectors
2x factory fuel rails
2x factory pressure regulators
12 injectors, 6x440cc, 6x550cc
Custom upper plenum with bell-mouth floor plate
Standard throttle-body (65mm)

Custom turbo manifold, split-pulsed runner type
Dual Tial 38mm external wastegates (7psi springs)
Garret GT42 plain bearing turbocharger, rated to 1000hp, modified GT45 1.22 rear housing
(as new condition-just refreshed by ATS here in Adelaide and has not been used since)
Uni-filter 6 inch air filter + 5 inch rubber elbow to connect to turbo
V- band + 4 inch stainless dump pipe
Teflon Braided oil feed + drain lines.

Standard distributor + Top Gun ignition leads
A single Bosch 044 fuel pump is included, which will feed enough fuel for just on 400rwkw.

I have put this package together for sale as I am currently building a 1000+ HP 1FZ-FE engine package for my car.

HP ability.
This motor will comfortably and reliably produce in excess of 400rwkw@23psi boost.

To use this motor, you will need an aftermarket EFI computer. Autronic, Motec, Haltech are suggested, along with a Crane Hi-6, or similar CDI system.

Please email for pictures, dyno graphs, etc etc

Price $9500 Aus