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Thread: KGC10 Hakosuka Skyline

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    Most of us just want to buy/own the perfect car FOR US.

    In this case you have the perfect car FOR YOU.

    But also in this case this awesome car has the perfect owner FOR IT. Great job Babs.
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    The Hako got a fair bit of love and sprucing up prior to the GT-R Festival a few weekends ago, but there was one thing that I didn't get around to doing until after the show, which was to tidy up some of the bodywork.

    So she's looking good now...

    But there was a little damage to be fixed,

    which was from getting a cone wedged under the tail at a motorkhana about a year ago.

    And to fix some rust on the rear pockets...which aren't really noticeable unless you're under the car. The car came with them from Japan, I'd painted something onto them years ago, and they haven't gotten any worse in the intervening 11 years, but it seemed like the right time to address it.

    And lastly you might recall that several years ago I had a go at fibreglassing the cracked spoiler...

    ...and I did a home-sprayjob on it, using a rattlecan of "paint to sample"...which wasn't really a great match.

    It was a little too golden and not silver, but it wasn't really that noticeable and no one ever mentioned it.

    But now that they're firing up the spraybooth, it seemed a good time to fix it all in one go. The front spoiler came out great...hmm actually you can't really tell the colour because it's in the shadow of the bumper...

    It's a great match though.

    The beaver panel came out great too

    As did the rear pockets. My friend Col said that the rust was just superficial and hadn't penetrated the sheetmetal, so it was a simple repair.

    ...let's hope I don't mess it up again! Many thanks to Col and his team at Gordon Smash Repairs for looking after me, as always.
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    Come up nice.

    I was watching that JDM restoration program on discovery. Never knew they came in gold

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    Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?

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