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Thread: Porsche 944 turbo road to racecar.

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    I reckon the EFR is the biggest win moving forward. Far greater boost recovery/transient response due to the lighter turbine wheel will 'almost' negate the requirement for a dog dox.

    Granted, I have a PPG dog box in my car, and the difference is noticeable, not only in strength, but straight line performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 333pg333 View Post
    As we're probably sticking with the stock box (which has given us no problems so far) I'm wondering if we shouldn't open it up and get the innards shot peened / Cryo'd etc ???
    Which box is it Pat? The 968 or 944 t or are they the same? While I'm at it and in one post is the 968 and the 944 vs the 944t at all similar to the 924 or 924t gearboxes?
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    Ours is the 968 6 speed which is a version of an Audi O1E box. The stock gearbox was a 5 speed. I actually much preferred my old 5 speed for shifting. No, the 924 box was actually a 915 box flipped around. Hence 1st gear is down and to the left.

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