new guy here.

so I have a turbo AWD bmw (325xi, 04) with an auto trans that i'm controlling with a megashift (msGPIO) that's also hooked up to megasquirt3 over CAN for some basic engine information, my question is more towards tuning the auto trans behavior.

currently, i'm running full line pressure everywhere on the map (speed vs TPS) with dropping shifting line pressure to 60-ish% during shifts, and 40% line pressure in neutral. i also lock the TCC at a very early speed (15 mph in 2nd gear), and it only unlocks on downshifts. the main pressure valve is adjusted on the trans for higher pressure, as well as the main bleed ball valve is shimmed to give slightly higher pressure on the valve body.

has anybody had much experience with tuning auto transmission down to this level ? are there any guidelines as to how the line pressure should be controlled for cruise and power situations ? would there be any downsides to keeping line pressure at 100% for when the trans is in gear and

the engine runs like a champ, but I'm literally shooting in the dark with trans control on this. it runs and drives well, i just wonder if there's something better i could be doing.