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Thread: Lakeside bites again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido View Post
    a lot of the blame needs to go to the fuckwits who don't shut their cars up and then abuse staff.
    Not guilty. I've never seen the point in noise unless it makes more power. Bluey has the biggest muffler Scotty could stuff under there.
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    Yeah the eh had a side exit with muffler but it was blowing directly at the sound Meter @hungry. It was Not one of the loud Cara on track. At all. But it set off the Meter. It wouldn't have trigger the tactic one either.
    Quote Originally Posted by thebluerx7 View Post
    The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .

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    My Zed used to fall foul with the side pipe blowing straight at the metre, a 90 degree slip on usually fixed it to point out the back.

    Usually only a problem on sprint days when you tend to be a bit more seperated.

    But as said above, I just don't get the hate to make your car a bit quieter so everyone can play.

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    look behind you
    Wayyyy back when the track was reopening etc etc I did racing out there with the Mini Motards, we were heavily read the riot act and they mandated for some time silencer pipes for all bikes.

    Thing is Iíve waterskiíd there since I was a kid, went to many a race meet there in the 90s (80s as a wee one). The council has been nothing but typical fuckwits for both lake and track for decades, itís not going to let up and even though the world knows there is a lake and racetrack there the council will still act on complaints.

    Also as mentioned the people who make zero effort to keep themselves kosher donít help either.

    While the track is bringing money in, paying the lease the council will issue fines for some pocket money, until someone with an agenda pulls the pin and fills the land with houses
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    I agree with Rdyno

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cal View Post
    Not guilty. I've never seen the point in noise unless it makes more power. Bluey has the biggest muffler Scotty could stuff under there.
    Surely there is fuck all lap time difference between a car under 94db and one over.
    My car
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    I'd have no qualm about punting a kid into the fresh produce section if it meant the difference between getting a set of night vision goggles or not.

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