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Thread: LeMons 2018

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    LeMons 2018

    Yo All

    So, a group of mates are toying with the idea of doing LeMons18 at Wakefield.

    So, i get the basic rules are - excluding safety, you can't spend more than $999 on the car (including all modifications), if you sell stuff off the car, that can be put back into the car for modifications.

    I looked up the results from 2016 at Wakefield and noticed that a Renault Clio Sport was running in the '14s and a Mirage in the '12s, they are pretty rapid times for a $999 car, even with $999 worth of modifications thrown back into off part sales.

    Can anyone fill in the gaps? Have the rules changed, or is there a bit of taking the piss for $999?

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    Seems you can take the piss on the $999 and possibly look to bribe judges to make it go away, or if you cant demonstrate the cost of your car you risk lap penalties.
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    The judges don't give a fuck

    There are always seep station kunts there running 140lotre tanks endurance brakes and decent shit

    The bunky 31 can lap 13/14s all day with 130 hp and it's a shit car with a barrel on the roof ( with Drs) two wings and fat kunts driving it

    Great even lots of fun and carving kunts if you have a faster car
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