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Talking about RBR

Not a chance in hell Cosworth build a motor for 2019/20 only - massssssssssssssive $$ and they would be 5 years behind the ball, to only get 2 seasons use from them.

Surely Aston is aware of the engine in it and would compensate to suit
I just assumed it'll be a naming deal, probably a renamed Honda, I doubt Merc would want them poking around the engine (even if external) when they know they'll be doing their own engine for 2021. And a Ferrari customer engine is a sure way to never win (excluding STR in 2008 Monza).

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Isnít Kvyat staying next year? Sainz is leaving and Gasly is only 1 man. If Kvyat goes next year then who is replacing him?
It's a lack of super licence's by the Red Bull Jr's, so unless they find someone else with a super licence they'll probably be forced to retain The Torpedo. STR just want Gasly in the car this year to evaluate him against Sainz.