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    Quote Originally Posted by lukevl View Post
    Thatís a really good question. Vettel strikes me as a very hard worker and typical German- he learned Italian (or enough) didnít he? He would also work harder with the engineers to make the car fast while Dan was hanging out in the HR office getting his end in. Dan is way cooler as a result but last time I tried banging the HR chick didnít make me a millionaire WDC
    When Pirelli came back, they said... "The only driver that came to our factory to quiz us on tyres and what we were doing was Vettel". The bloke is the underlined version of a true racer, of the German flavour.

    Wasn't one of the reason why Dan was promoted to RBR from TR was his ability to give feed back on the car for development? I think the bloke works hard enough to either push Vettel to a title, or get a title himself. Probably why he is so appealing as a Ferrari driver at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkman Don View Post
    Would be epic if he did end up in a fezza.
    Watching him drive around behind SV would be epic?

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    Watching him consistently beat Vettel again would be

    Renault is an interesting suggestion though. Comes down to their engine performance though, which i cant see coming leaps and bounds any time soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahabthearab View Post
    There will most likely be a spot at Mercedes next year too
    Not entirely sure there - if Bottas stays within a few tenths, gives good setup feedback and doesn't rock the boat, why change? Wouldn't be earning 22 million a year either and probably isn't asking for it.
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