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Thread: mig gas prices

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    D from BOC, $108 per year rent. 1 free refill a year, can't remember what refills are.
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    They strike me as a total piece of shit.

    So definitely right up my alley.

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    Time for an update. It seems BOC do "rent-free" cylinders now. Except it is a twelve month plan so effectively you are paying rent, just cheaper. Plus you get one free refill (ie: two full cylinders within twelve months). At $269 for G-sized argon, it seems good value if you use two G-sized cylinders a year. When twelve months is up, return the cylinder (even if it is half full), start another twelve month plan and get a full cylinder.

    Pricing here:
    Should be able to get it at any BOC agent though with the same pricing.

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    I think Bunnings has one of the better options for guys who don't use a lot of gas and don't want to pay rent.

    $200 refundable deposit on the cylinder, then:

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    I have both a c25 and a argon bottle from bunnings, but tig seems to chew the gas... might look into a G from BOC.

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