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Thread: ECU Tunes and Installs

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    Quote Originally Posted by burn is weird View Post
    yea I've got 1650s that are actually about 1480cc at 3 bar.

    on e85 they are up in the linear repeatable zone and run perfect, on 98 even with a short pulse width adder table to deal with non-linearity set up, there is still an element of non-repeatability pulse to pulse that cannot be corrected for, so you just have to run a little bit richer lambda target to get them to stay open a little longer or deal with the occasional stumble at idle. the threshold is about 0.7ms effective pulse width for repeatable shots, and about 1.2ms for linearity.

    the long nose 970cc bosch's with the multi-hole diffuser perform much better if you can get away with that amount of fuel.

    I believe the red-band High-Z siemens dekas are even better behaved, unfortunately there is a gaping hole between 875cc and 2433cc in their range that would be very well received if they were to do one.
    Yes that is precisely what I have found, with the same behaviour at the same DC thresholds you have mentioned. Unfortunately I can't go to 1000s as I am making over 300kw on a 4 cylinder with e85, with plans for potentially more down the track, so they wouldn't have the headroom
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