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Thread: V8 Supercar discussion thread

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    I went along to the Winfield Triple Challenge at the Creek in 1992, Superbikes, Top Fuellers, heavily restricted GTRs, Sierra's and shit box homegrown V8s, if only Holden had gone down the 3L turbo route.......

    That was the only time I felt inclined to visit Touring cars outside Bathurst, its worth watching the race just to listen to Jones bag out John Bowe after 2 incidents.
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    I still mourn the closure of Oran Park a great track to race on short or long didnt matter.
    Produced great close and exciting racing which the spectors just lapped it up.
    Sydney motor sport park is just plain fucking boring to drive on race on or give me a bed
    spectate at. But ive been saying that since the early 90s.
    I told them I once raced cars (total lie ) pissed them right off I will think of something bigger.


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