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Thread: FS: [Syd] 2010 Honda PCX (125cc)

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    FS: [Syd] 2010 Honda PCX (125cc) - SOLD

    As I don't ride this enough, my scooter has to go. It sits in my garage most of the time and has a rear top box with brake lights. It's hasn't done 4000km and has the oil changed several times a year (1L of oil per change) but gets started once every 2 months if its lucky. A full tank is less than $8 with 98 octane and almost 300km with a bit left over (~2.2L/100km). Was mainly used as a grocery getter and the occasional go-to-work machine (but a bicycle is quicker in my current situation so makes no sense to scooter to work anymore). Scooter has never been dropped and never been in a crash.

    - Honda PCX125
    - Gun metal grey fairing (has one scratch on the plastic fairing as I dropped my mountain bike on it)
    - 3,8xx km
    - Givi mid size windscreen (have original Honda one)
    - Coocase rear top box with integrated brake lights
    - Genuine Honda clear LED brake lights
    - Dr Pulley 13g sliders
    - Honda service/repair manual book
    - 2mth rego (4/1/17) left but rego, CTP, comp insurance cost <$500

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