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Thread: eBay Parts

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    eBay Parts

    I know this has been discussed on here before but I'll be fucked if I can find it... (weak Search-Fu)

    What's the wash up with the chink brake/clutch levers on eBay?

    My brother's 620 Monster is currently residing under my house and I've knocked the fucking thing off it's stand and snapped the fucken clutch lever and one of the small fairings under the seat is FUBAR.

    He's not fussed about keeping it original, I just have to chase up the parts (yes I'll pay for them, I'm not a complete shit cunt)

    What's the hotness in cheap levers?

    Anyone in Aus do the fibreglass/carbon fairings at a reasonable rate? I imagine it'll be the same cost if not less than buying genuine?
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    I have used a $20 eBay brake lever and master cyl on my CX turbo because it looked just like the original part.
    It's been trouble free...

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    Check these dudes for carbon bits. NFI if they do anything for the Monster but have a look/send them an email..
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    eBay vs. original parts for me old CB400 - On dropping, the OEM part bent, the eBay levers snapped clean off, exploded into pieces. For a quick acton race bike clutch I wouldn't trust one but for a normal road bike maybe.
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    I crashed my bike with Chazzos on it. Despite destroying half the bike it only bent the lever ever so slightly at the pivot. I could have reused it as it was only a couple of mm off line when pulled back to the bar, but for 50 bucks it was just as easy to buy a new pair.

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