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Thread: Lithium battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbeavis View Post
    I bought a pair of these for the track car:
    This man knows. I have one of these in my track car: http://

    Costs the same as a regular motorbike battery, spins the 1.6 turbo like a champ, jump started my 3.0 TD Patrol with it after I came back from a month's holiday and the 4wd battery was too flat to turn it over. When I say jump started I mean I took the battery out of the track car and made up some alligator clips for it. When not driving the track car I disconnect the battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2JZR31 View Post
    Regarding CCA, its a general misconception that increasing the CCA will give a heap more current to your starter motor. Your starter only requires a certain amount of current (prob around 90-130A) which can be found out by looking at its specs and it wont magically draw more than its limit with a 5 million CCA battery. If your battery already has a CCA over this the level with some margin of what the starter actually requires, going to 5 times this level will do SFA if the original battery is in good condition. Modern geared starters have fairly low current draws.

    So the 290cca SSB is not being over loaded in the start condition for a swift. But it probably would be while being charged from flat with the swift alternator. If you just keep it disconnected when not in use, then charge it the day before the tack, the alternator wont be charging a flat battery with high charge currents from the alternator. Well it probably still will be, but the current will be reduced and so will the charge time as it just needs to top off the small drains from your bluetooth and engine cranking.

    You can put a few high current diodes between the alternator and the battery to reduce the voltages and currents. Each one of these should reduce the charge voltage by about 0.5V to 0.7V. I would add something like this to my charge system if I had a lifep04 battery being charged by a regular 14.6V alternator.
    Thanks for all that advice 2JZR31. Luckly when I did flatten the SSB I recharged it fully with the trickle charger. I'll look at getting one of those diodes you suggest.

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