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Thread: All British Rally 2017

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    All British Rally 2017

    so last weekend was the All British Rally in Newstead Vic - about 130km out of melbourne.

    gets about 300+ bikes - got to be british to get into the camp ground.

    on the saurday they have a short ride out to Maldon and fill up the main street. i went up in the ute with the 1942 BSA WM 20 deposited Nopics and dogs at Maldon then scooted back to Newstead and did the ride on the BSA.

    in no particular order:

    triumph Hurricane:

    1911' belt drive single speed BSA:

    detail of the new fangled 'free engine mechanism' - commonly called a clutch now:

    view up mainstreet :

    the favourite : probably an early Australian assembled from proprietary parts - hopefully a british engine....

    ajs with a zepplin sidecar:

    a 1930's calthorpe ivory: the guys dad bough it in 1940 off the orig owner - now son owns it - all original

    wellused prewar BSA: OHV

    prewar royal enfield with trick brass head - in ealry days EDIT : Bronze heads were the racers edge for thermal conductivity as casting of alluminium casting was not as well advanced

    average age of the riders

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    ajs , bonnie and modern hinkley triumph about to depart:

    so after afew hour most riders motored sedately back to the camp ground :

    a well set up spit -water wheel powered -with pump plugged into a 240v - obviously didnt come up on the back of a bike:

    prewar Scott - 2 stroke water cooled twin with alloy head /barrels - very advanced for the time:

    1939 BSA WM20: inc gun stock - not sure the british carried their rifles this way- americans did on harleys

    norton :
    before a certain year you dont need any lights for rego

    this one blew me away :
    a 1917 Regnis : V twin , belt drive , 3 speed gearbox, no front brakes

    made in elizabeth st melbourne from imported parts for about 6 years till about 1922. Regnis is 'Singer' backwards - some tie up with Singer sewing machines who may have put money into the company that made the engines in switzerland (MAG)

    bought new by a shearer in 1917 out in ballarat and ridden all over Vic , SA and NSW on shearing jobs . dumped in a farm shed when the shearer bought himslef an austin ute.

    found by the (now ) owners dad in 1948 -when the dad was 14 as a first year apprentice fixing shed roofs.saw it in the shed and

    asked if it was for sale and shearer dude said he could have it.

    so he rode it all all over as well until it was rooted /worn out . then chucked in his shed .

    so about 10 years ago the owners son gets it and gets it on the road - still in orig condition.
    guy showed me the punture in the tank -now soldered up - where the handlebar levers had punctured the tank in an off.

    probabl;y only a handfull of Regnis left.

    guy rode it up from ballarat - probably 80 km each way

    nice sharp lever - can just see the soldered up puncture on the tank top to the right of the middle of the curved lever

    about a gazillion other bikes tehre -ancient , classic and including modern triumphs

    its a good weekend if you're an early bike head
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    Once again looks like an awesome weekend! Might have to try and tie it in with a family trip around regional Vic the wife and I have been talking about doing for an age!

    Did you end up riding the bloke with the yellow Regnis?

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    tried to call - didnt get him last weekend - will try again .

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    Thanks for sharing! Great pics.
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