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Thread: Do you want to play with old cars day in, day out?

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    Do you want to play with old cars day in, day out?

    I quit my day job to be a bum so someone else can come in and work with a couple of PFers doing not much and playing with old cars 5 days a week (and every 2nd Saturday). Caution - there will be the odd old English and Italian car. Possibly a French one here and there, too. Blech.

    The role is for an Auctions Advisor so you're going to need to know old car values and prepared to hear a million stories about how someone's uncle's brother's cousin's flatmate's dog had the only HT GT351 Torana that was too fast for Allan Brocky to race at Bathurst.

    It is in St Leonards, Sydney, and it is with Shannons (woo staff discount on your car/home insurance).

    More info:

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    after your facebook status i rescind my comment
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    I'm not well versed in older automobiles. Nor looking to shake up my current employment situation.

    But for someone with experience and a passion for a broad range of interesting cars, this seems an awesome opportunity!

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    Too late to get my policy values updated???

    Congrats on the new career direction.
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    God damn. Something like this, but less nsw and more vic, would be right up my alley
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    I would also like this job if it was a different job in a different location. GLWS
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    I would jump on this...but i cant do too much Sydney.

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